Sunday, August 30, 2009

Food log: Sunday, August 30th

OJ and cereals - from groceries
OJ and cereals - from groceries

Groceries from Marché Maisonneuve - $47.27 

(Click on the picture to see details of items.)
Groceries from Maisonneuve market: $47.27

The heat is on at the market and it's high season for canning and freezing. People are buying tomatoes by the bushell! I've vowed to get a stand-alone freezer ASAP but meanwhile, I'm gonna cram veggies in my fridge's freezer as much as I can.

precious beauties @ Marché Maisonneuve

The fruit and vegetable shop at Marché Maisonneuve

Raw beet and feta salad - from groceries
Raw beet and feta salad - from groceries

The beets are sliced thin and the feta is crumbled and topped with scallions. The dressing is made with olive oil, rice vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper and hot pepper paste.

Dessert, same lemon sablé as yesterday
Lemon square, made from scratch - from groceries

Diet Coke in the afternoon - from groceries
Diet Coke - from groceries

Broad bean soup made from scratch and cheesy toasts - from groceries
braod bean soup and cheezy toasts - from groceries

I made the soup this afternoon and I have a boatload. Guess I'm set for lunches this week.

More dessert - That's it, I'm taking the rest to work tomorrow.
More delicious treats

Late night snack of toast and milk: from groceries
late night snack - from groceries

Money spent on food today: $47.27

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