Monday, March 22, 2010

Food log: Monday, March 22

Peanut butter toast and orange juice
toast with PB, OJ

Diet Coke - $1.25 (no pic)

"Poutine" pizza, salad, orange juice, pudding cup from the bistro - $6
"poutine" pizza, salad, pudding, oj from the bistro - $6
Everyone was intrigued by the "poutine" pizza. It was made with a fresh crust, scalloped potatoes, gravy and cheese. It was pretty good.
"poutine" pizza made with potatoes and gravy

Brownie from the bistro - free

Beef, gnocchi alla romana, carrots, glass of wine
beef, gnocchi alla romana, carrots
I love leftovers.

Money spent on food today: $7.25