Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yummy vid

I, for one, welcome our pancake-robots overlords.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food log: Tuesday, September 29

So it's official: the chefs at work are fattening us up for some kind of ritualistic sacrifice. Or they are just really nice. But more on that later, let's start with breakfast.

Toasts and orange splash water at home
Toast and orange water at home

Tea from the bistro - free
Tea from the bistro - free

For lunch, I had a magnificent bento meal!
bento lunch
Click on the picture to see the descriptive notes. I also had some unsweetened apple sauce.

Dessert was a pilfered cupcake from the bistro
Cupcake from the bistro - free
It was awesome. The icing had real strawberries in it. It counts as a fruit serving, right?

Today's snack from the bistro was Rice Krispies treats.
Rice Krispy treat at the Bistro - free

Post-pool dinner was pizza
slice of pizza at home
Not pictured: vegetables. Because I suck and was to tired to cook any.

And industrial dessert was also consumed in the form of a mini ice cream sandwich
Mini ice cream sandwich at home

So all in all: not my best day, health-wise. But tasty!

Money spent on food: 0

Yummy quote

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe"

- Carl Sagan

Monday, September 28, 2009

Food log: Monday, September 28

Today started with toast and flavored water. 
Toast and flavored water at home
I don't know about these flavored water products. Are they good or just another way to ingest poison on a daily basis?

Speaking of poison: Diet Coke from the vending machine ($1.25)
Diet Coke from the machine $1.25

I forgot to bring my camera to the bistro for lunch, so you're going to have to close your eyes and imagine this: Leftover shrimp and peppers from last night and apple sauce. And free tea from the bistro. And Lindsay gave me a strawberry. Can you see it all? Can you see it in your mind's eye?

So it's official, we are having snacks everyday at work now. Today's was delicious cookies, still warm from the oven.
Happy cookie monsters at the bistro - Sid Lee
Cookie from the bistro - free

Does your place of work smell like freshly bakes goods? Mine does.

I got home and had a snack, then had dinner with Alex Trebek.

Crackers and vegetable cocktail
Crackers and vegetable cocktail at home

Mushroom turnovers and green beans
Mushroom turnovers and green beans at home

Money spent on food today: $1.25

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Food log: Sunday, September 27

Hello all. It's time for a food log!
Breakfast was toasts with bananas and peanut butter.
Banana and PB toasts

Second breakfast was Perrier and toast again. Either I am a hobbit or this bread is really really gooooood.
Buttered toasts and Perrier

I had to go downtown under the cold drizzling rain to meet someone. It so happened that it was near the Jang Teu Oriental market on St-Catherine (A.K.A. Épicerie Japonaise et Coréenne), so I stopped to stock up on sushi rice, canned spiced tuna, soba noodles, Pocari Sweat and tofu. Cost: $ 21.46 And on the way home, I stopped at IGA for some coriander and ginger ($2.23) to make Otsu again.

I had a bottle of Pocari Sweat with Doritos for a little snacky snack. ($1.45 - no pic for the chips)
Pocari Sweat at home
After you get over the unfortunate name, Pocari Sweat is pretty awesome. I tasted it for the first time while I was in Japan. It has a sweet grapefruit taste and is very refreshing. It's a great "morning after a night filled with tons of food and lots of wine and martinis" drink.

I also found a very nifty bento lunch box at the market. It has a bottle for drinks, 2 containers and chopsticks, all packed into a thermal bag. They are made by Lock & Lock, so you know the food will stay fresh. Cost: $19.99.
My new Lock & Lock bento
My new Lock & Lock bento

My new Lock & Lock bento

My new Lock & Lock bento

Snack at home: two pieces of Kiri cheese
Kiri cheese at home

Dinner was garlic and tomato prawns with onions, bell peppers and rice noodles

Garlic prawns with rice noodles at home

I had waffles for dessert.
Waffles for dessert
I have officialy gone carb-crazy. I need to watch it, the cold weather is turning me into a bear.

Money spent on food today: $25.14

Food log: Saturday, September 26

Scambled eggs, toast, grapes and juice at home
Toast, scambled eggs, grapes and juice at home

Popcorn and Diet Coke at home, while watching the last House DVD
Popcorn and Diet Coke at home

Bought a loaf of wheat bread at Première Moisson - $2.95
getting bread at Première Moisson ($2.95)

Greasy lunch at La Pataterie - $6 with tip
Sign in Homa
Lunch at La Pataterie

Martini and fried, spiced pasta at Macaroni bar
Martini at the bar at Macaroni
Fried and spiced pasta at the bar at Macaroni

Bread and some sort of flavored butter at Macaroni
The bread basket at Macaroni
Spread and butter at Macaroni

Delicious Italian wine at Macaroni
Our wine for the night at Macaroni

Gnocchi and St-Germain cheese poutine appetizer at Macaroni
Gnocchi and St-Germain cheese "poutine" at Macaroni

Braised veal cheeks with asparagus and mashed potatoes at Macaroni
Braised veal cheek with asparagus and mashed potatoes at Macaroni

Moscato D'Asti for dessert at Macaroni
Moscato D'asti for dessert at Macaroni
Dinner at Macaroni was $68.83

Negroni at Plan B - $9.95 with tip
Negroni at Plan B - $9.95 with tip

Beer at Plan B - $7.25 with tip
Pint of Carlsberg at Plan B - $7.25 with tip

Money spent on food today: $94.98

Friday, September 25, 2009

Food log: Friday, September 25

The day started on a crunchy note

Cereals at home
Morning cereals at home

Then I had my usual cuppa tea
Tea from the bistro (free)
I forgot my lunch at home, so it was the perfect excuse to go out and have lunch at Holder's with Cindy! We started things is style with a few cocktails: a Perfect Manhattan for me and a cosmo for Cindy.
The Perfect Manhattan at Holder's
Then I had the asparagus and crab soup and some buttered croûtons
Asparagus and crab salad at Holder's
Croûton with butter at Holder's

And the pièce de résistance: the unbeatable lobster ravioli with asparagus and truffle butter
Lobster raviolis from Holder's
Lunch at Holder's was $47 with tip.

I needed some very hot tea from the Bistro to digest it all.
Hot tea from the bistro (free)

Later, the Bistro had another surprise for us. That makes 5/5 days this week. Lindsay thinks they are trying to fatten us up for the winter. We are not complaining. Some are even writting songs of happiness about the whole situation.

I had some crunchy stuff and a soda from the machine ($1.25)
Snack frim the bistro (free), Diet Coke $1.25

After work, I had to go on my biennial hunt for a swimsuit to wear to aquagym class (chlorine is a biatch) and stopped at my favorite mall-rat Japanese restaurant for dinner.
My downtown Japanese spot
I had the tempura dinner with miso soup and a Diet Coke - $11
Tempura dinner with Diet Coke and Miso soup - $11
And now it's time for a nice glass of Gentil Hugel ($16.95 for a bottle) and a movie. Cheers!
Gentil "Hugel" wine from the SAQ - $16.05

Money spent on food today: $76.20