Thursday, October 8, 2009

Food log: Thursday, October 8

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Are you ready for a food log? I'm not. I need to do the laundry and pack - I'm going to Boston with friends for a few days. Yay! So expect a lot of delicious food from exotic Massachussetts in the next few days.

Cheese toast and milk at home
Milk anc cheese toast at home

Banana from the bistro - free
Banana from the bistro - free

Cream of celery soup, manicotti, salad and berry mousse - $6
Cream of celery, manicotti, salad, berry mousse - $6

Handful of Jessica's Japanese caramel corn - free
a handful of Jessica's snack

Piece of Jessica's Samba bar - free
half of Jessica's Samba bar - free

Half of a donut Monique brought after a meeting - free
half-donut from a meeting - free

Diet Coke - $1.25 
Diet Coke - $1.25
As you can see, my new desk is green. I may open a tabletop FX studio. Stay tuned.

Pistachios from the bistro - free
Pistachios from the bistro - free

Then I went to Winners, bought a cute top and pants, and had "dinner" at the food court

Mickey D meal - $11.02
Mickey D dinner of doom - $11.72
I need to remember how bad I felt after eating this. Bad news, all around. Like a badger made its nest in my belly.

New grater - $9.99
New grater! $9.99
I am not adding this to my total, but it's still awesome. The old one was on the brink of rustiness.

Money spent on food today: $18.27

Food log: Wednesday, October 7

Breakfast: tofu tartines, orange splash
Tofu tartines and orange splash water

I had tea with Esther
Tea from the bistro - free

I headed to Tokyo on St-Paul with the girls for some Japanese food.

Miso soup
Miso soup at Tokyo

Sushi nozomi
Sushi nozomi at Tokyo

Jessica made a cute mouse with her leftovers. She offered it to our servers, but he declined with an amused smile.
Jessica's mouse
Lunch at Tokyo was $24 with tip.

Afternoon snack: Diet Coke and a small bag of Doritos ($2.50)
Doritos and a Diet Coke - $2.50
In my new office there is a sticker of Eeyore on the ceiling that wave at me every time I finish my soda.
What I see when I finish the last drop of my Diet Coke in my new office

I had a board meeting tonight, so I grabbed a quick dinner then had some toast when I came back 4 hours later. Those meetings are looooong, friends.

Corn dogs
Corn dogs at home
Yogourt at home
Honey toast and a gulp of milk from the carton
Honey toast and milk at home

Money spent on food today: $26.50