Wednesday, July 21, 2010

food log: Wednesday, July 21

Cheese toast, Diet Coke from Pasta Café - $3.75
cheese toasts, Diet Coke - $3.75
Veal in white wine sauce, potatoes, pollock salad, bread, cheese pie from the bistro - $6
Veal in white wine sauce, salad, bread, pie from the bistro - $6
Monday's leftovers
chicken stir fry
Waffles with honey with a glass of milk
waffles with butter and honey

Money spent on food: $9.75

food log: Tuesday, July 20

Toasts with cream cheese and Perrier
Toasts with cream cheese, Perrier
Soda - $1.25
soda - $1.25
Yes, I had prunes for a snack. Am I turning into a grandma? You tell me.

For lunch, I went to Müvbox with Binzer. We had the works.
Clam chowder, lobster roll, chips, soda - $18
Lunch at Müvbox - $18
Lobster roll at Müvbox
And at Müvbox, every client is Number one!
Müvbox, where the client is always Number One
For dinner, Gabrielle and Joël invited me over. It was not a long commute, as they live downstairs.
Lemon perrier at Gabrielle's
A lovely spinach salad with potatoes, yellow beets, bacon and onions. Yum!
Spinach salad at Gabrielle's
Spinach salad at Gabrielle's
Spinach salad at Gabrielle's
I also had a taste of Gabrielle's delicious cherry-strawberry jam
gabrielle's jam

Money spent on food today: $19.25

food log: Monday, July 19

Cheese toast, Diet Coke - $3.75
cheese toasts, Diet Coke - $3.75
Smoked salmon bagel, rice salad, baked veggies with cheese, coconut cookies, milk from the bistro - $6
smoked salmon bagel, rice salad, gratin, cookie - $6
Milk and coconut cookie (part of lunch)
Soda - $1.25
soda - $1.25
We had apple pie for snack time. Wheeee! And here's our awesome chef Gianmarco at work.
Our chef at work
Apple pie in the bistro
Apple pie from the bistro
Stir-fried chicken with peppers and cellophane noodles
Stir-fried chicken and peppers on cellophane noodles

Money spent on food today: $11