Sunday, January 10, 2010

Food log: Sunday, January 10

Cheese toast and tomato juice
Cheese toast and tomato juice
Smoked oysters with kewpie on mini pita breads
oysters on pita bread with Kewpie, Diet Coke
Big grocery delivery from IGA: $174 including tip for the boys
Grocery delivery: $174 including tip
I got two free toothbrushes with this order. Sweet.

Patrick and Nathalie came around at five for a little apéro. We had roasted nuts, chips, spicy Korean tuna on cucumber slices, more smoked oysters on crackers with merlot salt, gimlets for Pat and I and a bloody mary for Nath.
making gimlets
Smoked oysters on crackers with Kewpie and merlot salt
Cucumber slices with spicy Korean tuna
Apéro for three
roasted nuts
After they left, I made oatmeal and raisins muffins and had one with Nutella on top.
Oat muffin with nutella on top
That topping is by far the best idea I've had all day.

Money spent on food today: $174