Sunday, September 6, 2009

Food log: Sunday, September 6 - Bromont Fair Edition

Today was Fair day as we all piled up in Ellen's car and drove to the Bromont County Fair under the hot September sun. After singing to the hits of the 80's and waiting in line for a while to park, we finally got there. Many bunnies were petted, fried food was eaten and we even gave our own ribbons for "Best fence", "Best sign" and "Best use of anti-snacking force-field". 
We made our own ribbons
The fence won!

Another of our (confused) ribbon winners!

Best anti-snacking force-field (a.k.a. glass)

You can check out my Flickr album for the full set of pictures of our day with the animals. And no, I'm not talking about the dudes that ran the Ferris wheel.

As for the food, here we go...

English muffin with all-natural peanut butter and orange juice - from groceries
English muffin with all-natural peanut butter and OJ
I am weening myself off the bad, super sugary commercial peanut butter. This new one is actually good! I just hate having to stir it before spreading it - it's messy!

I had a Diet Coke in the car that I had brought from home, then we got there and plunged into the dept of  Fair food.

Corn dog, cola and poutine - $10 including tip
Corn dog, cola and poutine - $10
A piece of Lindsay's fried dough
A piece of Lindsay's fried dough - free
Beaver Tail with Nutella - $4.50
Beaver tail with Nutella - $4.50
Iced Tea - $2.50
Iced tea - $2.50
Water and cotton candy - $5.50
Cotton candy and a bottle of water - $5.50

I also brought back some tasty honey - $5
Honey from the Fair - $5
I had a finger taste and the honey is fragrant and super sweet, with a hint of a waxy texture that I love. Worth a ribbon!

As you can guess, I was not very hungry for dinner so I just had a bit of my homemade liver mousse with bread, a fruit plate, and lots of Perrier. 
A tiny bit of mousse for supper
fruit plate - from groceries
I think I need a detox! I see lots of veggies in my future this week.

Money spent on food today: $27.50

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