Wednesday, January 27, 2010

food log: Wednesday, January 27

Muffin, oj
Muffin, OJ

Diet Coke - $1.25
Diet Coke $1.25
Elevenses: cannelé
Elevensies: cannelé
I skipped the lentil soup from the bistro and headed for McGill Hot-Dog for a greasy lunch with my geek friends.
Having lunch at McGill Hot-dog
Poutine, hot-dog, Orange Crush
Poutine, steamer, Orange Crush from McGill Hot-dog - $8

Inspired by a recipe in the Wichcraft book, I prepared my own variation. Cindy was coming over for an overdue girl's night in.
Breton crackers and prosciutto
Breton crackers
Piece of prosciutto
I wanted to use these but they were dead.
Awww dead before their time
Sweet potato fries with spicy sour cream, open-faced grilled sandwich
Vidalia onion, asparagus, thym and chèvre tartineVidalia onion, asparagus and goat cheese with thyme, balsamic vinegar 
Vidalia onion, asparagus, thym and chèvre tartine
It was a hit!
Cindy approves!
empty plates!

And with that, the box is empty. Thanks again to Boutique Point G!

After dinner, we chilled and gossiped and watched American Idol like two giggling teenagers.

Money spent on food today: $8.25