Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Food log: Tuesday, January 26

Muffin, OJ
Muffin, OJ
Pear from the bistro - free
Pear from the bistro - free
BTW this was not taken in a Sears Photo studio. It's just how fruit looks on my lap.

I won some cannelés from the daily contest run by Boutique Point G on Twitter. They were delicious. You should follow them and try your luck!
Cannelés from Boutique Poing G contest - free

Cannelé - free
Cannelé from Boutique Poing G contest - free

Leftovers from last night, V8, Diet Coke ($1.25)
YEsterday's leftovers, V8, pudding, Diet Coke ($1.25)

Muffin from the bistro - free
muffin from the bistro - free

Diet Coke ($1.25) - no pic

In the evening, I was invited to a dinner for the people and volunteers who worked on a project that is dear to my heart. It was in a wonderful house in Westmount. I wish I could share more than pics of the food, but I wanted to respect the privacy of our generous host. Believe me, that house was fantastic. So was the company.

Cheese straws, wine and various canapés
cheese straws and canapés
Bread, butter, salad
Bread and butter, salad
Blanquette de veau, rice, veggies
blanquette de veau, rice, veggies, white wine
Festive cakes

Money spent on food today: $2.50