Saturday, July 24, 2010

food log: Saturday, July 24

My friend Céline and I had a nice day together. I took her out to brunch and then we went to the market to buy a few things for a Lemon Curd cooking clinic we had planned.
Brunch at Baguette et Bagatelle for two - $30.54
Orange juice at Baguette & Bagatelle
"2 eggs, 3 meats" brunch at Baguette et Bagatelle
The eggs were overcooked again and they hide the jam under the milk, so my first two toasts went "unjammed". Plus, there's no AC inside. I won't go back.

Food from Marché Maisonneuve - $27 
I had a few of Céline's strawberries
A few of Céline's strawberries
Céline is a commercial producer, but she also has her own "designer cake" business. She is working on a wedding cake right now, so she brought me a half-dozen cupcakes she had baked for a tasting.
Cupcake by Nougat et Nectarine
Cupcake by Nougat et Nectarine
Of course, we had a few bites as we cooked.
Lemon curd pie while cooking
Dinner was corn on the cob and a Campari and soda
Campari and soda
Corn on the cob with butter
You know you've had too much corn on the cob when you need to take a shower after your meal.

I also had a few neighbours over to share the lemon curd wealth.
Lemon curd tarts later in the evening
Money spent on food today: $57.54