Thursday, February 11, 2010

food log: Thursday, February 11

Last night's midnight snack: graham crackers and lemon yogurt
Midnight snack lemon yogurt and Graham crackers
PB toasts and OJ
PB toast and OJ
Diet Pepsi - $1.25
Soda - $1.25
Sparkling water from Pasta Café - $2
water from pasta café - $2
Salad, veal blanquette and veggies, bread, lemonade - $6
Veal blanquette , veggies, salad, bread - $6 from the bistro
I had to skip the "milkshake". Believe me, brackets are needed here.

Doritos - $1.25
chips - $1.25
Pulled pork omelet, salad
Pulled pork omelet, salad
Graham crackers and lemon yogurt
Put some graham crackers n the bottom of a small dish
Top with lemon yogurt and another cracker
This is as good as lemon pie. YUMZY.

Money spent on food today: $9.25