Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, October 28

English muffin with peanut butter and milk
English muffin with PB, milk

Soup, braised veal with fig sauce, veggies, fudge
Artisan lunch at the bistro - $6
That fudge wanted to steal my teeth. The veal was sooo yummy! Veal and figs: it's a good thing.

One of my work team had a little celebration to mark the success of a project that was dear to our hearts: the makeover of the giant Garanteed Pure Milk bottle. Our reward: cupcakes!
"Save the milk bottle" cupcakes!
"Save the milk bottle" cupcakes!

"Save the milk bottle" cupcakes!

I picked a pumpkin cupcake with an amazing maple fluff on top.
Maple and pumpkin cupcake - free
Gab picked a chocolaty one
Gab chose chocolate
Corinne picked one that had a ghost on it! WooooooooOOOoooo!
Corinne says 'oooohooo' to the ghost on her cupcake
We poured glasses of milk and cheered the Milk Bottle!

Diet Coke from the vending machine - $1.25
Diet coke from the vending machine - $1.25

Shot of whisky
Something sad happened to two of my friends and I felt like I had to have a drink in their honor.

Mashed potatoes, broccoli, ham
ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli
Comfort food, I love you.

Ridiculously small snack cake
mini Joe Louis cake

Money spent on food today: $1.25

Food log: tuesday, october 27

Peanut butter toasts, cheese, orange juice - free from the bistro
breakfast from the bistro - free
See? I DO take advantage of our free breakfast bar from time to time. :)

Leftover gnocchis, cucumber slices, vegetable cocktail, yogurt
Cucumber slices, leftover gnocchis, vegetable cocktail, yogourt

As you can see, I forgot my camera at home again.

Banana from the bistro dipped in chocolate pudding
banana and chocolate pudding
I tried to make this pic as non-porny as I could.

Tomato juice, cheese
Tomato juice and cheese

Fish sticks, broccoli, mashed potatoes
Broccoli, fish sticks, mashed potatoes

Money spent on food today: 0

Food log: Monday, October 26

English muffin, peanut butter, milk
English muffin with PB, milkfood

Today, I went on a little adventure in sunny Sherbrooke! I was interviewing students from Université de Sherbrooke who are candidates for an intership in january. The U has a nice department that is all set up for employers to do just this, including refreshments and a little buffet at lunch.

Water - free (per diem)
Water - free

Juice box from the break room - free
Juice box - free

The buffet lunch was nothing to write home about, but it did the trick. I was famished!

Crudités, sandwich, yogurt dip, pasta salad, Diet pepsi
Crudités, yogurt dip, Diet Coke, pasta sald, sandwich

Dessert and Diet Coke - free
The white one was a booby-trapped coffee ball of doom. (I hate coffee.)

Vitamin Water and chips - free (paid with per diem)
Chips and vitamin water - free

Apple from home on the bus ride home
Apple from home on the bus

Chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes, peas
mashed potatoes, peas, chicken pot pie
I've discovered that if you have lumps in your mashed potatoes, just call them "rustic-style" and call it a day.

The last cookie
I had the last cookie
I think I am done with cookies for a while.

Money spent on food today: 0

A fall breakfast for a strong artisan

I told you we have a great breakfasts bar at work but since like to eat at home, I rarely take advantage of it. Good thing Samuel is here to show you! Here is his very healthy meal, perfectly balanced and fueling him for a good day of creativity.