Sunday, July 18, 2010

food log: Sunday, July 18

Toasts with cream cheese, vegetable juice
toast with cream cheese, vegetable juice
Broccoli turnovers
broccoli turnovers
Bread pudding
bread pudding
Cheese slice, cola
cheese slices and soda
I went to the store to buy cola and Perrier ($6.58)

Chicken soup

Money spent on food today: $6.58

Food log: Saturday, July 17

I had breakfast at Dame Tartine with Andréanne - $17

Blurry grapefruit juice
Blurry grapefruit juice at Dame tartine
Chocolate milk
chocolate milk at Dame tartine
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict at Dame tartine
Then we went to Véronique and Pierre-Olivier's new home to help them with the move and renovations. Her mom brought food and I had a ham sandwich point and a few cheese cubes.
Cheese cubes and ham sandwich at Véronique's
Drink for everyone - $6.75
Drinks for everyone - $6.75

In the evening, I met with my friend Martin and we went to see a Japanese movie at Fantasia. I had ridiculously salty popcorn and a drink - $6.25 (no pic)

After, I headed to P.M. for some chinese delights - 20$
P.A.M. (prêt à manger) sign
Fried dumplings
dumplings at P.A.M.
Beef and veggies in X.O. sauce
Beef and veggies in XO sauce at P.A.M.
rice at P.A.M.
Fortune cookie
fortune cookie at P.A.M.
fortune at P.A.M.

Money spent on food today: $43.75

food log: Friday, July 16

Bagel and soda from Pasta café - $4.25
Bagal and soda from Pasta café - 4.25
Ribs, grilled veggies, coleslaw, cake - $6
ribs, coleslaw, veggies, cake from the bistro - $6
Hoops, soda - $2.50
Hoops and soda - $2.50
Gin and soda
Gin and soda
Cheese and basil sandwich, carrots, pickles
cheese and basil sandwich, carrot, pickles
Bread pudding
Bread pudding
Lobster with garlic butter
Lobster meat with garlic butter
My midnight snacks are better than your midnight snacks.

Money spent on food: $12.75