Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food log: Monday, November 30

First of all, check out my Space Invaders ice cubes. Aren't they the cutest? I can't wait to make colored ones.
Space invaders ice cubes

Cheese toast, orange juice
Cheese toast and orange juice

In the morning, Yoplait sent me a gift: A bag full of Asana products. Oh, the joys of being a food blogger!

My Asana promo bag filled with goodies

It's a new product that is supposed to be good against bone troubles, like osteoporosis. I don't know about that part, but it tastes great. It's creamy and tastes like real yogourt and doesn't have aspartame in it (a little real sugar won't hurt you). I had one right away and one for lunch. I also gave a few to coworkers. They all liked it!
Asana yogourt
Asana Yogourt
Spaghetti with meat balls, Asana yogourt
Spaghetti with meat balls from home, asana yogourt
Pets de soeurs i.e. "Nun's fart" from the bistro - free
"pets de soeurs" aka "nun's farts"
Fried rice with peas and steak
Stir-fried rice with onions, peas and steak

Asana yogourt
Anasa yogourt

By the end of the day, my Yoplait bag was almost empty. I still have a full jar of plain yogourt, that may or may not be turned into turnip soup (the recipe was included).
Yoplait Asana Yogourt Tasting pack - free
And that thermal bag is pretty neat. I love that they didn't put a logo on it, otherwise I would not reuse it. Plain is best!

It's funny when I think about it. My blog is the perfect platform for this type of promo, since I blog everything I eat. I would really have to dislike a product not to try it. And if I try it, I HAVE to put it on my blog. Ha!

Money spent on food today: $6