Friday, October 2, 2009

Food log: Friday, september 25

The morning started swiflty. I had to eat a big breaky and push on, as we had a big/long presentation in the morning. It went great!

Baguette with cheese, chocolate milk from Pasta Café - $5.05

Cheese baguette and chocolate milk from Pasta Café - $5.05

Lunch was a hearty meal filled with joy and joyness. I think I am still digesting it.
Soup, cheese ravioli, bread, apple crumble, orange juice - $6
Soup, cheese ravioli, bread, lemonade apple crisps - $6

Then it was Snacks in the Bistro Time!
Snacks in the bistro!

I opted for fresh fruit (free) and Diet Coke from the vending machine ($1.25)
My free snack
Diet Coke $1.25

Back home, the night called for Gin & Tonics, chips and corn dogs.
Gin & Tonic at home
chips at home

Corn dogs at home


Money spent on food today: $12.30

Yummy vid

Spanglish is a very lame movie, but it has a great foodie moment, where Adam's Sandler's character prepares the best-looking BLT-egg sandwich ever. It was created by chef Thomas Keller, of Bouchon and French laundry fame. Watch the vid to learn how to make one for yourself tonight!