Sunday, June 6, 2010

food log: Sunday, June 6

Bagel with cream cheese, vegetable juice
Bagel with cream cheese
Groceries at Marché Maisonneuve - $47

Tomato sandwich, curd cheese, Diet Coke
tomato sandwich, curd cheese
Popcorn and soda at the movies - $12 (no pic)

My brother came over for dinner and we had a swell time.

Cocktail: gin, Marco spruce beer, rosemary, sugar
Gin rosemary, spruce beer
Steak, sweet potato fries, spicy yogurt sauce, tomatoes
steak, sweet potato with spicy yogurt sauce, tomato
Flying Wizzbangers red wine
Red wine
Émile cheese with bread and wine jam
Monsieur Émile cheese, bread, wine jam
Fresh strawberry mousse with graham crackers
strawberry mousse with graham crackers
strawberry mousse with graham crackers

Money spent on food today: $59

Food log: Saturday, June 5

Eggs and waffles
Waffles and eggs, with maple syrup
Chicken slices
Cheese and olives (no pic)

For dinner, I was invited by my friend Caroline. She lives downstairs, in the same building as I do. I had lots of watermelon left, so I brought some and she turned it into a nice cocktail. We munched on the other pieces of fruit as she prepared the main dish.

Watermelon cocktail: smashed watermelon, mint, bitters, vodka.
Making watermelon cocktails at Caroline's
Making watermelon cocktails at Caroline's
Watermelon cocktail at Caroline's
Dragon ball salad
Dragon ball
Caroline was inspired by one of the famous dishes from local vegetarian restaurant Aux Vivres, only she replaced the tofu by chicken.
Chicken for the Dragon ball
Chicken Dragon ball salad at Caroline's
The rest is brown rice, carrots, cabbage, edamame and a lovely, yeasty vinaigrette. It was divine and perfect for a hot and humid day like we were having.
And for dinner, a refreshing organic root beer and Amarula float.
root beer and amarula after dinner cocktail
Then we went out to see a a show and had many beers. And chips. - $28
Many beers and chips at Club Soda - $28
Money spent on food today: $28