Friday, September 25, 2009

Food log: Friday, September 25

The day started on a crunchy note

Cereals at home
Morning cereals at home

Then I had my usual cuppa tea
Tea from the bistro (free)
I forgot my lunch at home, so it was the perfect excuse to go out and have lunch at Holder's with Cindy! We started things is style with a few cocktails: a Perfect Manhattan for me and a cosmo for Cindy.
The Perfect Manhattan at Holder's
Then I had the asparagus and crab soup and some buttered croûtons
Asparagus and crab salad at Holder's
Croûton with butter at Holder's

And the pièce de résistance: the unbeatable lobster ravioli with asparagus and truffle butter
Lobster raviolis from Holder's
Lunch at Holder's was $47 with tip.

I needed some very hot tea from the Bistro to digest it all.
Hot tea from the bistro (free)

Later, the Bistro had another surprise for us. That makes 5/5 days this week. Lindsay thinks they are trying to fatten us up for the winter. We are not complaining. Some are even writting songs of happiness about the whole situation.

I had some crunchy stuff and a soda from the machine ($1.25)
Snack frim the bistro (free), Diet Coke $1.25

After work, I had to go on my biennial hunt for a swimsuit to wear to aquagym class (chlorine is a biatch) and stopped at my favorite mall-rat Japanese restaurant for dinner.
My downtown Japanese spot
I had the tempura dinner with miso soup and a Diet Coke - $11
Tempura dinner with Diet Coke and Miso soup - $11
And now it's time for a nice glass of Gentil Hugel ($16.95 for a bottle) and a movie. Cheers!
Gentil "Hugel" wine from the SAQ - $16.05

Money spent on food today: $76.20

Things that taste like childhood