Friday, September 11, 2009

Food log: Friday, September 11

Today started in fine form. I ate some cereals, took a picture, then promptly forgot my camera on the kitchen table. Curses! I needed an alternative. I don't understand how the camera on my new phone works, so I used Photobooth to take a pic of my snack.

Pear and black tea - free
Pear and black tea - free

My friend Laurent was nice enough to lend me his camera during lunch. We went out at L'Aziatik to celebrate our departing intern Joel, who is leaving us after a summer's worth of working at Sid Lee.

I started with a beer and some dumplings.
beer - Sapporo
dumpling in peanut sauce

I didn't want the spring roll that came with the set lunch, so I asked the server to bring me only the General Tao chicken dish. I believed I was getting this:
I was thinking this was my plate but... no
But I was actually getting this.
I actually ordered this - a FULL PLATE
I had to order another beer to forget this tasty mistake.
more beer
I asked for some rice on the side so I didn't only have a huge plate of chicken (and 3 cucumber slices!). But anyway, I was so stuffed from the dumplings that I had to ask for a doggy bag. So with tip, lunch came to $37.86. Yikes. Well, at least I'm set for lunch on Monday.

I have a party to go to tonight, so this may be it for pictures since I have NO CAMERA.

Here's a last one of my afternoon Diet Coke then ($1.25)
Afternoon Diet Coke - $1.25

Money spent on food today: $39.11

Lunch is gross!

Some kids made a video about how gross the school lunch they get is. Cute! And scary.