Saturday, September 19, 2009

Food log: Friday, September 18

Delicious peach from home while waiting for the bus
Peach from groceries

Cheese toast and a V8 from pasta Café - $4.21
V8 and cheese toast from Pasta Café - $4.21
You can always count on Pasta Café for burnt, cold toast. *sigh*

Cup of Earl Grey from the bistro - free
tea from the bistro - free

Fennel soup, chicken and duck wings, salad, potatoes and zucchini-chocolate cake from the bistro (free - buddy meal ticket)
Brilo 0 $0.50
Chicken and duck wings, salad, roasted potatoes, fennel soup, Brio, zucchini and chocolate cake - $0.50
I'm pretty sure the chefs got the recipes for the wings from Lucifer himself. SO FREAKING HOT. Laurent had sweat rolling off his face. My eyes were watering. Valerie was spitting everywhere, the spice from the wings causing overdrooling. We were a mess.

Tea time - free (bistro)
Tea from the bistro - free

Bought some italian pastries for tonight's dinner and a bottle of balsamic vinagar at Beniamino's ($27.10)
Dessert for four and balsamic vinegar from Benjamino's - $27.10

Surprise Happy hour at work - free

Cheetos at the bistro - free
Goodies at the bistro - free
Free beer at the bistro
From time to time, we get a special "IT'S FRIDAY!" surprise happy hour at work. Fun!

Wine from the SAQ - $28.60
Wine I bought at the SAQ - $28.60
I had a dinner date at Julie's tonight with her beau and our friend Véro.

Cosmo at Julie's
Cosmo at Julie's
I know, I know: usualy, there should be no ice in a cosmo. I didn't say anything, but it was hard, since I pretty much write about cocktails on a daily basis. Even so, it was tasty! I'm not complaining!

Terrine and truffled liver mousse with bread at Julie's
Apéro at Julie's

Christo's pasta with home made tomato and sausage sauce
Christo's sauce at Julie's
Christo's sausage and tomato sauce, at Julie's
ready to eat! (at Julie's)
Delicious! He used fresh tomatoes and sweet italian sausage. We were STUFFED.

Salad at Julie's
Salad at Julie's
After an hour-long break, we ate the yummy salad, made with pine nuts and mango.

Dessert plate at Julie's

Dessert plate at Julie's
For dessert, we had a choice of cannoli, Italian donut and lemon pie.

I think I need to go jogging now.

Money spent on food today: $60.21