Monday, June 28, 2010

food log: Monday, June 28

Woke up early, had breakfast at Dad's.

OJ at Dad's
More OJ, buttered toasts, jam, cheese
toasts with butter, jam, cheese, oj at Dad's
More cheese
cheese at Dad's
Diet Pepsi
Soda at Dad's
Then I went to spend the afternoon with granny
Sweets at granny's
sweets at granny's
And chips (no pic)
Dad and his wife joined us and brought dinner with them.
Wine at granny's
Triscuits with salmon mousse
salmon mousse and Triscuits crackers at granny's
bread at granny's
Salmon, asparagus with hollandaise, pasta with veggies
Salmon, pasta with veggies, asparagus with hollandaise at granny's
Cake at Granny's
Late night snack at dad's: honey tartine and milk
Honey tartine and milk at Dad's
Money spent on food today: 0