Monday, September 14, 2009

Food Log: Monday, September 14

The day started in fine form with new breakfat options.

Wheat toast with cream cheese and a glass of grapefruit juice - groceries
Wheat toast with cream cheese and a glass of grapefruit juice

Apple and mint tea from the bistro
Apple and mint tea
The bistro's tea drawer was full. I was a happy camper.

Bread from  pasta cafĂ© ($0.80), Diet Coke from the machine ($1.25), spinach salad and deviled eggs from home, free kiwi from the bistro
Bread ($0.80), Diet Coke ($1.25), spinach salad and deviled eggs from home, kiwi from the bistro (free)
Do you know ONE persone who doesn't like deviled eggs? Because I sure don't. They are little buckets of flavor.

Cheese and veggie cocktail from home

My favorite afternoon snack: cheese and veggie cocktail
A.K.A. my favorite snack.

After work, I headed to my friend Josianne, one of my best friends. She just gave birth to her little bundle of joy and invited me over for "dinner and a baby !" Of course, she spent most of the evening feeding her son. Kids!

Cookie and almonds at Josianne's


Chili, rice, cheddar, sour cream and a glass of juice at Josianne's
Philippe's chili (made with caribou meat) with rice, sour cream and cheddar
Josianne's beau made the delicious chili with caribou meat her dad had hunted. How's that for "made from scratch"?

Dark chocolate and green tea
Dark chocolate and green tea

But the sweetest thing was watching those two together. Seriously.
New mom Josianne with baby Louis!

Money spent on food today: $2.05

Movie meals: the prison scene from Goodfellas

Ask foodies about their favorite cooking scene in a movie and this one is probably going to come up. The film itself is genius, but the part where Paul Sorvino slices the garlic with a razor blace has become a pure classic. The whole scene makes my mouth water. Every time I see it, I just want to open a bottle of wine and dig into some tomato sauce with a piece of bread!

If you want to get the DVD, I set up an Amazon link on the right side of this blog. I'll be talking about the other titles in future weeks. They all have great cooking and eating scenes!