Monday, December 21, 2009

Food log: Monday, December 21

Scrambled eggs, toast, tomato juice
scrambled eggs, toast, tomato juice
I spent the afternoon at the spa and came back home to have a chat with my friend Julie over a glass of wine.
Canapés, sauvignon blanc
canapés and sauvignon blanc
Garlic and capers tilapia, mashed sweet potatoes with Parmesan, broccoli, mushrooms, Côte du Rhônes 
Tilapia with garlic and capers, sweet potato mashed with parmesan, broccoli, mushrooms, Côte du Rhone

I also dropped by the SAQ to buy a few bottles of wine ($27.20). Then later tonight, I got an SAQ card as a gift from the team on the building's board, to thank me for last year! Thanks guys. :)

Money spent on food today: $27.60

Food log: Sunday, December 20

Toast with cream cheese, tomato juice
Toast with cream cheese and tomato juice
Tuna sandwich, pickles, Smiles, Diet Coke
Tuna sandwich, smiles, pickles, tomato juice
Popcorn, Diet Coke
popcorn and Diet Coke

That's pretty much it.

Money spent on food today: $0