Sunday, August 22, 2010

Food log: Sunday, August 22

Croissants and Sunny D from Première Moisson - $3.80
Croissant and sunny D from Première Moisson - $3.80

A lot of fresh vegetables, meat, breads and cheese from Marché Maisonneuve - $62

Groceries from marché Maisonneuve - $62

Rosemary bread, goat tomme cheese, tomatoes 
goat tome cheese, tomatoes, bread

I made chicken stock with leftovers veggies and all the chicken scraps I save in the freezer from week to week.
making chicken stock with chicken carcass I saved in the freezer
I made pork chops and veggies for freezer lunches
Making pork chops and veggies for freezer lunches
I made hummus
Made hummus dip
I also made beef shanks in the crock pot
Making beef shanks in the crockpot
As you can see, it was a rainy day. My fridge is now super full!

At five, I went down for cocktails and nibbles at Patrick and Nikki's. I had a martini, crackers, hummus I brought, baked cheese, grapes, almonds and olives.
Martini and nibbles at Patrick and Nikki's
baked cheese at Patrick and Nikki's
Later, I had a few ears of corn with butter.
corn on the cob
Aaah the taste of summer.

Money spent on food today: $62

Food log: Saturday, August 21

Waffles and eggs
waffles, eggs

I had crackers, tomatoes and salami for lunch but forgot to take a picture.

Crémant d'Alsace
Crémant d'Alsace
Steak, corn, potato with dill butter
steak, potato with dill butter, corn
Popcorn and a cherry cola
Popcorn and cherry coke

Money spent on food today: $0

Food log: Friday, August 20

Chicken sandwich, Sunny D from the dep - $5.45
chicken sandwich and Sunny D from the dep - $5.45
Mac and cheese, salad, a piece of sausage from yesterday's leftovers, peppers, Jell-O with strawberries and Chantilly cream from the bistro - $6
Mac & cheese, roasted veggies, piece of sausage, salad and jell-o from the bistro - $6
leftover sausages with peppers at part of bistro lunch
Chantilly nipple!
A gift of chocolate from our chef
A gift of chocolate from our chef at work
After work, I had dinner at Tay Do with Andréanne - $18 with tip
Roll at Tay Do
Fried dumpings at Tay Do
Piece of Andréanne's fried calamari
some of Andreanne's fried calamari at Tay Do
Grilled beef with soy beans, mint, noodles, peanuts and another roll
Grilled beef with nooddles, mint, soy beans, peanuts and a roll at Tay Do
Bottle of Anselmi to go with dinner - $15.25
bottle of Anselmi - $15.25
After dinner, we met a bunch of friends at Else's to say goodbye to our friend Onno, who is going back to live in Holland.
2 pints of beer - $12 with tip
2 pints of beer + tip - $12
Shot of tequila, courtesy of Onno
Shot of Tequila - paid by Onno

Money spent on food today: $56.70