Friday, March 5, 2010

food log: Friday, March 5

Juice on the bus - $2
Apple juice - $2
Oily muffin and juice box at recruiting session - free
muffin and juice at recruiting session
Sandwiches, pasta salad, mushroom puffs and nanaïmo bar at recruiting session - free
Sandwich, pasta salad, mushroom puffs, carrots, nanaimo bar, Diet Pepsi at recruiting session
I know they are free, but these lunches really, really suck. I guess the bistro at work forever spoiled me.

BLT and salad, glass of milk
BTL and a salad

Lu cookies with peanut butter
Lu and peanut butter
Try it. You'll thank me later.

I made pork belly following David Chang's recipe. I think the meat I used was a little too thin and it burned on top, but in the end it was SPECTACULAR. I cooked this for Sunday's Oscar party, but I had to have a taste right away. I guess it's supposed to burn a little, because it gave it a smoky, salty, delicious taste. Still, next time I'll lower the heat and cook it a little longer to make up for it.
Pork belly!

Money spent on food today: $2

food log: Thursday, March 4

Pork loin, salad, potatoes, veggies, berry crumble from the bistro - $6
Pork loin, potatoes, veggies, salad, berry crumble from the bistro - $6
Orange from the bistro - free

I got some groceries ($150) and found free Japanese pears in my bags. Thanks, grocer!
Free japanese pears with groceries

I was so busy managing my new tv delivery AND the delivery of my grand-mother's bedroom set to my house on the same night that I barely ate. Granny's ok - she just moved to a smaller place and gave me the set because it is awesome and dates from the sixties and I've wanted it forever. But she would probably not approve of my dinner choice.

Peanut butter sandwich
peanut butter sandwich

Money spent on food today: $156