Saturday, April 10, 2010

food log: Saturday, April 10

Omelette, vegetable cocktail
Groceries - $121 including delivery charge and tip
Groceries - $121 with delivery charge and tip
Tuna sandwich, pickles, Fresca, apple
Tuna sandwich, pickles, Fresca
cashew - turning onto my favorite snack.
I am getting addicted to cashews. I portion them out, otherwise I will go through a can in 2 days.

Celery with tofu spread
Tofu spread on celery
I baked the bread, It turned out great!
I made bread
Chicken Paillard with clementine salsa 
Chicken with clementine-tomato-basil salsa, homemade bread
That recipe is very fresh, healthy and full of flavor. I found it on Epicurious. The salsa is made with clementine, tomato, celery, red onion and hot pepper, dressed with olive oil and lime juice. You also deglaze the pan with clementine juice after grilling the chicken, adding much joy to the finished dish. I sopped it all up with a piece of my fresh-out of the oven bread.

Maple butter tartine
maple butter tartine

Money spent on food today: $121

food log: Friday, April 9

Niçoise salad and V8 from Cartet, free banana from the bistro - $12
Niçoise salad from Cartet, V8 - $12, free banana from the bistro
Leftover shrimps and rice
Shrimp and rice leftovers
Popcorn and Fresca

I started some bread to bake the next day
making bread


Spoonful of maple butter
Spoonful of maple butter

Money spent on food today: $12