Tuesday, June 29, 2010

food log: Tuesday, June 29

Toast, jam, cheeses, OJ at Dad's
toast, jam, cheese, OJ at Dad's
Ham sammich, Diet Pepsi at Dad's
ham croissant, Diet pepsi at Dad's
We had dinner at Café St-Malo
beer at Café St-Malo
bread at Café St-Malo
Potage Crécy
potage Crécy at Café St-Malo
Blood sausage with apple, fries and salad
Boudin with apple, fries and salad at Café St-Malo
Wine at Café St-Malo
Sugar pie
Sugar pie at Café St-Malo

Money spent on food todayL 0

Monday, June 28, 2010

food log: Monday, June 28

Woke up early, had breakfast at Dad's.

OJ at Dad's
More OJ, buttered toasts, jam, cheese
toasts with butter, jam, cheese, oj at Dad's
More cheese
cheese at Dad's
Diet Pepsi
Soda at Dad's
Then I went to spend the afternoon with granny
Sweets at granny's
sweets at granny's
And chips (no pic)
Dad and his wife joined us and brought dinner with them.
Wine at granny's
Triscuits with salmon mousse
salmon mousse and Triscuits crackers at granny's
bread at granny's
Salmon, asparagus with hollandaise, pasta with veggies
Salmon, pasta with veggies, asparagus with hollandaise at granny's
Cake at Granny's
Late night snack at dad's: honey tartine and milk
Honey tartine and milk at Dad's
Money spent on food today: 0

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Food log: Sunday, June 27

Toasts with PB and milk
PB toast and milk
Chicken sandwich and Diet Pepsi from gas station on the way to Québec City - $6
Soda and sandwich at a gaz station on the road to Québec City - $6
Beer at Dad's
Beer at Dad'S
Peanuts at Dad's
Peanuts at Dad's
We went out to Casa Grecque for dinner. Yes, freaking Casa Grecque. I'm in Loretteville and the pickings, they are slim my friend. But the lobster was ok.
salad - Dinner with dad
bread - dinner with dad
Wine - dinner with Dad
lobster - dinner with dad
Cake at Dad's
Cake at Dad's
Soda at Dad's
Money spent on food: $6

Saturday, June 26, 2010

food log: Saturday, June 26

Peanut butter toast
Toasts with PB
Scrambled eggs with dill, Diet Coke
Eggs with dill, Diet Coke
After a visit at the museum, Mom took me to Café Holt for a tartine.
Lemon water
Lemon water at Café Holt
Lemon and lime slices for the water at Café Holt
Tandoori tartine
Tandoori chicken tartine with veggies and mint yogurt at Café Holt
Tartine detail
Fennel and lentil on salad greens
Salad at Café Holt
Salad detail
For dinner, the whole family went to Salle à manger. My dinner was $88 with tip and a cocktail. (Stepdad Richard treated us to a nice bottle of wine with dinner.)
Campari and soda
Campari and soda
Bread basket
Seared foie gras with potato sauce, peas, greens and quail egg
Seared foie gras with peas, potato sauce and quail egg
Seared foie gras with peas, potato sauce and quail egg
Renommée St-Pierre Pinot Noir (2001)
Swiss Pinot Noir
Pork belly with greens, onion rings and potato sald with avocado purée
Pork belly (see notes)
Rhubarb and pineapple vacherin
Rhubarb and pineapple vacherin
Rhubarb and pineapple vacherin
Money spent on food today: $88

food log: Friday, June 25

Bagel with cream cheese, strawberry
Bagel with cream cheese, strawberries
Tofu, daikon salad, broccoli, rice
Leftover (tofu, rice daikon salad), broccoli
Mom gave me caramels and I snarfed the whole box
Caramels, gift fro mom
Caramels, gift fro mom
She also brought Alsace wine. I guess she reads my blog. :)
Alsace wine brought by mom
Bro brought a bottle of extremely sweet rosé.
Rosé brought by brother
For dinner, I made a rice salad with leftover sushi rice, basil and veggies, dressed with sesame oil and rice vinegar.
Rice salad with tomatoes, bell pepper and basil
I also made sweet potato and shrimp tempura.
Sweet potato and shrimp tempura
My plate
Tempura and rice salad
Blueberry pudding
Blueberry pudding

Money spent on food today: $0