Sunday, November 22, 2009

Food log: Sunday, November 22

The days started in style with a brunch at L'Estaminet, surrounded by family.
Mom and brother
Orange juice, Diet Coke
Brunch at l'Estaminet - Fresh OJ and a Diet Coke
Brunch at L'Estaminet - salad
Merguez, ham and bacon casserole
Brunch at l'Estaminet - Mergez, ham and bacon casserole
Stepdad Richard treated us to brunch. Thanks Richard!

In the afternoon, I watched a few episodes of Season 3 of Mad Men. So...

Shot of Jameson

Tuna sandwich with pickles
Tuna sandwich, pickles, Diet Coke
Honey toast and millk
Honey toast and milk

Money spent on food today: $0

Food log: Saturday, November 21

Cheese toast and milk
cheese toast and milk

Wine and spirit at the SAQ - $273.18
Wine and spirits - $273.18

Mom and stepdad Richard where in town and I made a family-style japanese meal for us. It was the perfect excuse to use the preserved sakura blooms I brought back from Japan last May. They are preserved in salt and had to take a fews baths to get the saltiness out. It's a pretty process!

De-salting preserved sakura flowers

Becks beer while cooking
Becks beer

I made onigiri with the sakura. I also made some stuffed with tuna and umeboshi (plum). They are easy, easy, easy and tasty.
Making umeboshi and sakura onigiri



I also made my miso-maple salmon and some roasted peppers with sesame seeds
Miso-maple salmon
Sesame peppers

Miso-maple salmon, onigiri, sesame peppers

Onigiri, salmon, peppers
Miso-maple salmon, onigiri, sesame peppers

Like a good hostess, I took the broken piece.

We had this with a very nice pinot noir from the Okanagan valley, brought by Richard.
The wine
A japanese-style family dinner

In the evening, we went to Monument National to see "L'eau qui danse, la pomme qui chante, l'oiseau qui dit la vérité", a new contemporary opera.

Our plan for the evening

My brother had a small part in it and he was great!
At Monument National
At Monument National
The curtain at Monument National

Club soda at Monument National - $3 including tip
Club Soda at Monument National - $3
Pringles and Pepsi at Monument national - $5 including tip
Pringles and a Pepsi at Monument National - 5$
Frozen treat to cheer the end of a beautiful evening
A Revell cheer!

Oh also my mom brought me a gift!

Fancy-shmancy hazelnut chocolate from mom
Hazelnut chocolate - A gift from mom

Money spent on food today: $281.18