Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food log: Saturday, January 16

After a restless night in a very comfortable chalet, we woke up to a wonderful breakfast feast, the kind that gives courage to cowards and legs to the wounded.

First breakfast
Breakfast buffet - plate 1
Second breakfast
Breakfast buffet - plate 2

The ride home was filled with naps and forehead scarf prints.
Back at home, I kept it simple

Fresh OJ
fresh OJ
Chicken with corn
Chicken, corn

Money spent on food: 0

Food log: Friday, January 15

Today was Sid Lee' agency party. We all piled up in yellow buses with our brown bag lunches and went to Jouvence in Orford for some winter fun and a huge party. Everything after "Muffin" was free. Thanks Sid Lee!

Banana from the bistro
Banana from the bistro - free
Brown bag lunch from the bistro
Packed lunch from the bistro - free
Apple and caribou grog
Hot apple juice with caribou

I had about 3 beers while enjoying the hot tub and spa. (no pic) Then at 4pm, we had an apéro with ice bar and meaty nibbles.

Bloody Caesar
Bloddy Caesar
Duck leg
Duck drumsticks
The guy called this a pogo, but it looked pretty naked to me. What's a Pogo without its corn batter? Dude: just because it's on a stick doesn't make it a pogo. But I didn't really care since it was delicious.
Club Soda
Club soda
I had to take a break from all that booze.

After a nap and a shower at the chalet, we made ourselves pretty and all headed out to the main lodge for cocktails, followed by dinner and a party that went on into the wee hours of morning. At midnight, mini burgers and pizza were served to make sure everyone could continue the party without getting woozy.

The first of many gin & tonics, water
The first of many gin and tonics
More bubbly
More bubbly
Dinner - main course, red wine
Buffet dinner
Dinner - cheeses, bread and red wine
cheeses and bread
White wine in a water glass
White wine in a water glass
At this point, the bar ran out of gin (!!!) so I had to improvise.
Vodka and club soda
Vodka and club soda
Mini burgers, fries, chips
Mini burgers
Mini burgers and fries

Money spent on food: 0