Saturday, March 13, 2010

food log: Saturday, March 13

Waffles, eggs, pear
pear, eggs, waffles, maple syrup
Sandwich and a salad, orange San Pellegrino, hot chocolate at Café Art Java - $17 with tip
Orange San Pellegrino at Café Art Java
Sandwich and salad at Café Art Java
Hot chocolate at Café Art Java

I stopped at La Maison du rôti to stock up on organic meat and poultry ($47). They are so nice over there and the butchers are very helpful and patient. Plus there's that cute one who always winks at me when I come in. Hee! I bought a pork shoulder, chicken thighs, steaks and a beef blade roast.

I made some pork belly again. This time, I started at a low heat (200) for 3 hours then cranked it to 400 for 30 minutes and rested the meat for 20 minutes before cutting it. Waaaaay better. It got all golden and delicious and the top didn't burn this time. Yippee!
pork belly, fresh out of the oven

Pork belly, parsnip purée, braised carrots
Pork belly, parsnip, braised carrots

Money spent on food today: $64

food log: Friday, March 12

Toast and juice
Toast and juice

Mochi ball
These are so delicious. The intern actually moaned when he tasted one. I am really sorry I didn't capture this with my camera.

Burrito with the works, salad, pineapple from the bistro - $6
Burrito, salad, pineapple from the bistro - $6
I highly dislike store-bought tortillas. They taste like plastic to me. So I rolled my burritos garnish in lettuce leaves. It was crunchy and fresh.
Lettuce burrito (I hate store-bought tortillas)

Véro went the old-school way and had a burrito adventure.
Adventures in burrito eating
Adventures in burrito eating
Adventures in burrito eating

When I got home, I was beat so I just had a peanut butter sandwich, a glass of wine and a mini bottle of pink champagne.
PB sandwich, glass of wine
mini champagne
It was friday night, after all.

Money spent on food: $6