Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, December 9

Toasts with cream cheese
Toast with cream cheese


Ham wrap, crudités, cheese, cookie, juice - free from the bistro
Month-Lee lunch - free
This was Month-Lee, our agency meeting, which meant free lunch! Thanks, Sid.

Outside, the snow was falling hard but we had a client meeting far away. So of we went in Yann's ride!
Goulet to the rescue
(not pictured: Yann's actual ride)

I do not drink coffee, but our client had delicious candy-bar flavored hot chocolate. Yum I had a Rolo and an After Eight.
Rolo hot chocolate at client meeting
at Van Houtte, some candy bar flavored chocolate bar drinks

Back home, I had spaghetti squash gratin, carrots, snow peas and chicken pot pie, but I forgot to take a picture of the actual meal.
Spaghetti squash gratin, carrots, chicken pot pie, snow peas

Money spent on food today: 0

Food log: Thursday, December 8

Cream cheese and bacon bagel, chocolate milk - $6 from Pasta Café
Cream cheese and bacon bagel, chocolate milk from Pasta Café - $6
Also known as "The chubby gal's delight"

Tea from the bistro
tea from the bistro - free

Lentil soup, salads, raspberry mousse, lemonade - $6 from the bistro
Lentil soup, 2 salads, raspberry mousse, lemonade - $6 from the bistro
This soup was very delicious, with lots of veggies and fresh lime to squeeze on top.

Crudités and dip from the bistro - free
Snack from the bistro - free

Green tea Kit Kat shared with Véro
Green tea Kit Kat, shared with Véro
That was the last piece! Someone needs to go to Japan soon and bring me back some more!

Hamburger steak, veggies, mashed potatoes, Diet Coke from Plaza McGill - $16 including tip
Hamburger steak with onion sauce, veggies and mashed at Plaza McGill
Diet Coke at Plaza McGill
I love Plaza McGill. It's a (clean) dive, the waitresses have been working there for 25 years and they have that classic decor behind the cash register, with pictures of dearly departed, press cuttings about Greece and a few Polaroïds of Matthew Perry uneasily shaking the hand of the owner after a meal.
At Plaza McGill
At Plaza McGill, the classic "behind the counter" decor

Diet Coke from a vending machine at the co-op board meeting - $2
Diet Coke from vending machine at co-op board meeting
English muffin with cream cheese and honey at home
English muffin with cream cheese and honey
Money spent on food today: 30

Food log: Monday, December 7

Oatmeal from home, tea from the bistro
Oatmeal from home, free tea from the bistro

Nuts from the bistro - free
Pistachios from the bistro - free

At noon, we got called in to the bistro for a champagne toast. We won Agency of the Year! Martin gave us a lovely speech and we all cheered!
We won Agency of the Year! Woohoo!
Martin shares his excitment with us!
A cheer to Sid lee
Two flutes of champagne - free
Glass of champagne from the bistro - free

For lunch, I had the schoolkid's special.
Carrots, PB sandwich, fruit salad, V8
Tootsie roll from the bistro - free
Tootsie roll
Tea and an apple from the bistro - free
tea and an apple from the bistro - free
Crunchy things from the bistro, shared with Véro - free
snack from the bistro shared with Véro - free

Then a bunch of us packed into Laurent's car and drove to Boutique Point G for a macaron event! I ate at least one of each flavor, plus a yummy strawberry drink. There was a guy in a Darth Vader suit making frozen macarons, and I got to meet some of my foodie Tweeter friends (yay!). Let's just say it was a succesfull event.
Un p'tit drink!

mmmm citron
croque croque
Un de plus... Miam!
The force is strong with this one

Back home, I washed up the excess sugar with leftover Chinese food.
Chinese food leftovers at home
Money spent on food today: 0