Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food log: Wednesday, September 16

I finally had some time to cook today and made a fantastic soup I will tell you more about later. Soups are great! With all the fall veggies, now is the time to make big batches of soup and freeze it all for lunches or easy weekday dinners. They go great with biscuits, a salad or grilled cheese sandwich.

OK, let's talk about what I ate today.

Toast and grapefruit juice from home
Toast and juice
This was eaten at 1am. Late night snack or very, very early breakfast? YOU decide!

Cheese from home, banana and juice from the bistro (free)
Cheese from home, banana and juice from the bistro
A.K.A. Second Breakfast

AM tea from the bistro - free
Earl Grey tea from the bistro - free
I'm trying to ween myself from poison Diet Coke. Tea helps.

German candy Ellen brought to the office - free
Ellen's German candy - free
These are pretty cute. They represent the walk/don't walk signs you find on street corners in Germany. Tasty, too.

Couscous, mushroom salad, lemonade and clafoutis pie from the bistro - free
Very spicy couscous, mushroom salad, clafoutis pieand lemonade  from the bistro - free
I was somebody's "Buddy" at work today. That means I had the task to welcome a new employee and help make her few first days go smoothly. As a thank you, Sid Lee gives out two free bistro tickets to encourage us to have a meal with our new buddy. Fun! Thanks Sid Lee! And lucky me, today was couscous day. It's one of the best meals our chefs make and it is hotter than hell.

This is what the bistro tickets look like:
These are bistro tickets

Sencha tea from the bistro - free
Sencha tea from the bistro - free

Afternoon snack attack - $2.50
Snack attack - $2.50
Ok, Ok, Ok, so I had ONE Diet Coke. Big deal! Leave me alone! Baaaaaaah!

Biscuit from the bistro
Biscuit from the bistro
We just launched a new site for Philadelphia Cheese and these one-bowl biscuits are one of the recipes you can learn how to prepare there. So the bistro chefs decided to make a batch and we got to try them. They are very good! There was a pile of leftovers, so I brought some home to try with my soup tomorrow. The biscuits were also delicious with the last of my mousse. This is pretty much proof that bringing back work at home can be fun! Heh.
Biscuit from the bistro (free) with the last of my mousse

Dinner was panko-crusted lemon chicken with spinach
Panko lemon chicken with spinach

Handful of Reese Chipits
Reeese Chipits
These are delicious. I bought them to make cookies. I should not have open the bag as now I am doomed to eat the whole thing within the week. Maybe I should freeze it.

Homemade cream of celery soup with bacon
Cream of celery soup with bacon
Yes, I ate soup after dessert. I made a big batch and could not resist having a bowl. It is so yummy - and easy to prepare. The bacon gives it a nice salty kick. The recipe can be found on Apartment Therapy's food and cooking zone.

Money spent on food today: $2.50

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