Monday, May 31, 2010

Food log: Monday, May 31

We are having horrible forrest fires in Québec and the smoke got to Montreal during the night. The smell made me wake up. It was like a sugar shack moved downstairs, right under my window. I could not sleep. So I had Cheerios.
2am bowl of Cheerios
Milk, fuji apple, peanut butter toast from the bistro - free
Milk, Fuji apple and peanut butter from the bistro - free
Veal and cheese stuffed pasta, snow peas with grilled mushrooms, radicchio salad, chocolate cake, milk from the bistro - $6
pasta, snow peas, radicchio salad, chocolate cake and milk from the bistro - $6
Candy bar from the bistro - free
candy from the bistro - free
Diet Coke - $1.25 (no pic)

Soft-boiled eggs, soldiers, tomato-basil salad
soft-boiled eggs, soldiers, tomato-basil salad

I had hard-boiled two more eggs for my lunch, but got hungry and ate them, deviled-style.
deviled eggs
And now, I am having a bit of bourbon (no pic)

Money spent on food today: $7.25

Sunday, May 30, 2010

food log: Saturday, May 30

Toast with PB
PB toasts
Ice cream sandwich
Ice cream sandwich
Shrimp, rice, corn
Shrimp, corn, rice

Money spent on food today: 0

food log: Saturday, May 29

The day started with a grocery delivery - $135 with tip

Toast with peanut butter, water
PB toasts, water
Diet Coke, processed cheese slices
Diet COke, processed cheese slices
Smoked oysters, crackers
Ice cream sandwich (no pic)

I then headed out to Lindsay for her b-day BBQ bash
Bubbly at Lindsay's
Margarita at Lindsay's
Chips and dip (no pic)

Burger, sausage and bean salad
Burger at Lindsay's
Burger and bean salad at Lindsay's

Ice cream treat
Turtle ice cream treat at Lindsay's
Pecan pie
Pecan pie at Lindsay's

Money spent on food today: 135

food log: Friday, May 28

Grilled cheese, chocolate milk from Pasta Café - 5$
Grilled cheese and chocolate milk from Pasta Café - $5
Bacon and cheese sandwich, tomato soup, tuna salad from the bistro - $6
Tomato soupe, cheese and bacon sandwich, salad3585
Diet Coke - $1.25
Diet coke - $1.25
I also polished the rest of yesterday's pistachios

Charcuterie and crackers
Charcuterie, olives
Wine, shared with my friend Martin
Wine, shared with Martin
We also had popcorn and olives, but I forgot to take pics.

Money spent on food today: $12.25

Food log: Thursday, May 27

Croissant and Diet Coke at Boogie Studio - free
Diet Coke at Boogie - free
Croissant at Boogie studio

Banana from the bistro - free
banana from the bistro - free
Chicken "chop", pasta in cream sauce, salad, berries and cream cake from the bistro - $6
Chicken scallopine, salad, pasta, berry and cream cake from the bistro - $6
Pistachios at work
Laurent gave me a nice water bottle. Thanks Laurent!
Laurent gave me a nice water bottle!
Butter chicken potatoes, beef curry, salad, nan bread and Diet Pepsi from Tandori - $11
Indian meal from Tandori, Diet Pepsi - $11

Money spent on food today: $17

Thursday, May 27, 2010

food log: Wednesday, May 26

Juice from the bistro - free
Juice from the bistro - free
Pâté chinois, salad, apple-pecan-raisin pie from the bistro - $6
Pâté chinois, salad, apple-pecan-raisin pie from the bistro - $6
Chips, guac, salsa
Chips and dips with bistro lunch
Pretty tarts
That pie was so wonderful and rustic. Our chef makes ALL the pastry from scratch. He rocks.

Melon and half a Popsicle from the bistro - free
melon and half a Popsicle - free from the bistro
Handysnack from Sébastien's lunch - free
Handy Snack from Sébastien's lunch pack  free
Cheeseburger, pogo, onion rings, soda from La Pataterie - $7
Cheeseburger, onion rings, pogo, heartburn - $7 from Pataterie
Water at the Impact game - $3.50

Money spent on food today: $16.50

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food log: Tuesday, May 25

Grilled cheese and V8 from Pasta Café - $5
grilled cheese, V8 from Pasta café - $5
Omelet, veggies, salad from the bistro - $6
salad, veggies, omelet from the bistro - $6
I gave my dessert to the very deserving intern.

Chips and a soda - $2.50
chips and soda - $2.50
Tomato-garlic shrimp pesto pasta
garlic-tomato shrimp, pasta with pesto

Money spent on food today: $13.50

Monday, May 24, 2010

Food log: Monday, May 24

PB baguette, milk
PG baguette, milk
Revel ice cream treat
Charcuterie, olives and bubbly on the terrasse with Éric (he brought the good stuff!)
Charcuterie and olive with bubbly on my terrasse

Dinner at Le Valois - $30
Bread at Le Valois
Goat cheese ravioli in tomato-basil sauce
Chef's ravioli (goat cheese) at Valois
Éric had the lamb shank
Éric and his lamb shank
Éric's lamb shank at Le Valois
Apple cake with Baley's sauce
Dessert menu at Le Valois
apple cake with baley's sauce at Le Valois

Money spent on food today: $30