Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food log: Wednesday, July 29

Soda - $1.25
Diet soda - $1.25
Grilled cheese, baked pasta, chicken nuggets, salad, flan from the bistro - $6
Grilled cheese, baked pasta, sala, chicken nuggets, flan from the bistro - $6
That flan was so good, we could not stop talking about it. There was even talk of forming Flan Club.
The first rule of Flan Club is: talk as much as you can about fight club.
Chocolate covered strawberries and a piece of flan from the bistro - free
Chocolate covered strawberries and tiny piece of flan from the bistro - free
The second rule of Flan Club: you should always get more flan if the opportunity comes your way.
OK I lied yesterday, I had more chocolate-covered bananas
chocolate-covered bananas
Bic Mac trio - $8.95
Big Mac trio - $8.95

Money spent on food today: $16.20