Sunday, June 13, 2010

food log: Sunday, June 13

Groceries (no pic) - $138

Eggs, waffles, iced tea
Eggs and waffles, iced tea
Peanut butter on toasts, orange juice
peanut butter on toast, OJ
I am obsessed with lobster rolls. Tonight, I made two using a classic, basic recipe: lobster meat with mayo, salt and pepper, served with lettuce in a buttered and grilled bun.
Ingredients of the simple, yet perfect lobster roll
Lobster rolls, chips, coleslaw
Lobster rolls, chips, coleslaw
Lobster rolls

Money spent on food today: $138

Food log: Saturday, June 12

I took Josianne out for brunch for her birthday

Orange juice
Orange juice at La Cantine
"La champignonne" with bacon (extra)
La champignonne at La Cantine
These benedict-style eggs are served on a leek bread pudding.

Jo enjoyed a latte and the "Croissant de soleil" plate.

Brunch for 2 was $45.

Water - $3.29
Evian - $3.29

For dinner, I met with Twitter friend Anne-Marie for delicious seafood at Lucille's Oyster Dive.
Pint of Sapporo
Clams (the oysters are Anne-Marie's)
Oysters and clams at Lucille's
Glass of Chardonnay
Second glass of wine
We ordered a soft-shell crab taco and a plate of crab cakes and shared. 
Soft-shell crab taco at Lucille's
Crab cakes at Lucille's
Another glass of wine
Chardonnay at Lucille's
Lobster rolls, fries, spicy mayo.
Lobster rolls and fries with spicy mayo at Lucille's
Lobster roll at Lucille's

Dinner for one including 3 drinks, taxes and a 20% tip was $90

Money spent on food today: $138.29

food log: Friday, June 11

Sheppard's pie, salad, melon, milk from the bistro - $6
Sheppard's pie, salad, melon, milk from the bistro - $6
A friend hooked me up with a sweet deal for freshly canned lobster from Îles de la Madeleine.
12 cans of cooked lobster - $120
12 cans of freshly canned cooked lobster - $120
Each can hold a nice piece of tail and a claw. It's delicious!
Yummy lobster
Freshly canned lobster, out of the can
I had no energy to go to the grocery store and buy buns, so I made a ghetto lobster roll and a sandwich.
Ghetto lobster roll
Lobster sandwich
Popcorn (no pic)

Money spent on food: $126

food log: Thursday, June 10

I forgot my camera today! Boo! I had breakfast at the bistro (toast, peanut butter, milk, apple - free) and the bistro lunch : mushroom risotto, salad and cake ($6).

I grabbed my camera when I got back home!
General tao chicken, yellow beans
beans, general tao chicken
In the evening, I went to a huge party organized by work. I was awesome, one of those great Montreal nights people talk about for a long time. I even painted my nails in Adidas colors for the occasion.
Beer, and lots of it at Garage Party - free
Shooters at garage party - free
Here's some highlights of the evening

3am Mickey D run - $11.20
Late night McDo meal - $11.20

Money spent on food today: $17.20

Food log: Wednesday, June 9

Bagel with butter and cream cheese, milk
bagel with butter, cream cheese, milk
Eggplant parmigiana, pasta in crem sauce, salad, cake from the bistro - $6
eggplant parmigiana, pasta in cream sauce, salad, cake
I hate eggplant. This was my yearly attempt to try to start liking it. It failed. The sauce was delicious but the veggie stayed on the plate.

Banana from the bistro - free
eggplant parmigiana, pasta in cream sauce, salad, cake

After work, I went to the launch of a new "low fat" Breyers ice cream. There was an open bar and an open ice cream parlor!
Gin and tonic
Gin & Tonic at Breyer's event
White wine
White wine at Breyer's event
Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla ice cream at Breyer's event
Not bad. It had a slight buttermilk aftertaste.
Gin and tonic
Another gin & tonic at Breyer's event
Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate ice cream at Breyer's event
Better than the vanilla. Still, I prefer to eat homemade, full-fat ice cream. And that's probably why I'm a chubby, happy gal.

I didn't have dinner that night. I was too full of booze and sugar.
My guess is I wasn't the only one.
PO with his hands full at Breyer's event

Money spent on food today: $6