Friday, January 1, 2010

Food log: Thursday, December 31

The last breakfast of the year deserved bacon.
Mmmmm. Bacon.
Bacon, eggs, toast and OJ
Toast, bacon, eggs, OJ
Diet Coke
Diet Coke
Orange from the cheerful fruit bowl
Isn't my fruit bowl cheerful?

I went out for the first time in days and had a quick meal at McDo.

Big Mac Trio - $7.37
Bic Mac trio - $7.37
In the evening, I joined friends at Café Atomic for a wonderful New Year's Eve bash. There was a double fountain filled with "Puncherello" (vodka and cranberry) and "Orange Punk" (rum and orange juice), a classic buffet and lots of go-go sixties music. Fun!

at Atomic Café NYE bash
The buffet
at Atomic Café NYE bash
DJ at Atomic Café NYE bash
Happy New Year everyone!

Food log: Wednesday, December 30

The day started with a big grocery delivery: $205, including Holiday tip for the guys.

Cheese sandwich and juice
cheese sandwich and juice

I spent the afternoon cooking freezer lunches of steak and yellow beans.
steak and beans (cooked for freezer lunches)

Broccoli turnover and tomatoes
Broccoli turnovers, tomatoes

I drank some leftover wine, saved by Vacu-vin
Pasta with ham and cheese
Cheese and ham pasta with lots of pepper

A few of mom's roasted nuts
A few of mom's roasted nuts
Horrible chips. I threw the bag away after having two. Ick.
Horrible chips. I threw them away after two.

Money spent on food: $205

Food log: Tuesday, December 29

Felt somewhat better. The fever went away but I was still weak. Friendly neighbors gave me a carton of orange juice the day before, and I drank it all in 24 hours. My appetite came back and I nibbled here and there, trying to gain back some strenght.

Toast and juice
Toast and juice
Won ton soup
won ton soup
More juice
More and more orange juice
I forgot to tell you about the chocolate Cindy brought me back from Paris. She also gave a a Pac-Man shaped oven mitt. Hee!
Chocolate, gift from Cindy
Popcorn with all the fixings
Popcorn with all the fixings
Late night poutine - $13, including a very generous holiday tip
Poutine, $13 including a generous Chritmas bonus
I guess I was feeling better. What a weird day, food-wise.

Money spent on food today: $13

Food log: Monday, December 28

Horrible day. I was really sick. I didn't take any pictures. I had lots of water and some toast in the afternoon. Bleh.

Food log: Sunday, December 27

Woke-up late. Had leftover Chinese food for lunch.

Then I met Cindy at the spa for a delicious afternoon of relaxation. We went back to her place after for dinner, prepared by her bf Max.

Cosmo with novelty ice cube
Cosmo at Cindy and Max's
What's that in my drink
Avocado, shrimp and apple salad
avocado, shrimp and apple salad
Pesto pasta and smoked salmon
Pesto pasta and smoked salmon
Vinho verde
Vino verde at Max and Cindy's
Cheses and bread
Sweets and Cindy's mini cupcakes

I came back home feeling weird and started to have fever and stomach cramps. I have no idea where I caught that bug. The water at the spa? The food?  Let's just say it was a long, sleepless night.

Money spent on food today: 0

Food log: Saturday, December 26

Before taking the bus back home to Montreal, we had a nice family breakfast.
Fresh fruits and rillettes
fresh fruits and rillettes
Croissant, fruit, cheeses, rillettes
Croissant with cheeses, rillettes and fresh fruits
Diet Coke
Diet Coke
Chinese food at home - $18 with tip
Chinese food - $18 with tip

Money spent on food: $18

Food log: Friday, December 25

I skipped breakfast to sleep in. Dad picked my brother at the station, then me at mom's, then granny at the rest home. We had Christmas lunch at his place with granny and stepmom. Fun! I forgot my camera at mom's, so Philippe took pictures for me with his iPhone.

Nuts at dad's
Pickles, olives, highly decorative ketchup
Olives, pickles, fancy ketchup ;)
Pineau des Charentes
Pineau des Charentes
Tourtière, turkey, veggies, mashed sweet potatoes, 
Tourtière, turkey, veggies, "mashed" sweet potatoes
There was a blender mishap and the sweet potatoes turned to mush. They were still tasty! :)

Bûche de Noël
Bûche de Noël
I just had one bite, I was stuffed! But I did get to keep the traditional plastic ax.

Bûche de Noël

After opening the gifts, I had some caffeine.
Diet Coke
Diet Coke

A few hours later, we went back to mom's for Christmas dinner.

Olives, mom's lemon and Parmesan biscuits, cheddar biscuit, and roasted nuts.
Olives, mom cheddar biscuits, Parmesan and lemon biscuits, roasted nuts
Refreshing salad with clementines, homemade roll
homemade roll
Wine (something Italian I don't remember the name of)
Glorious Ragoût de pattes de cochon
Ragoût de pattes de cochon with roasted beets and cornichon
So, so, good. Worth spending the day cooking! We had this with my mom's roasted beets and cornichons.
Domaine de l'île Margaux
More wine: Domaine de l'île Margaux
Calvados sabayon with fruits
Calvados sabayon on fruits
Sauternes with hazelnuts
Sauternes with hazelnuts

Money spent on food: 0