Saturday, June 19, 2010

food log: Saturday, June 19

Peanut butter sammich, soda
PB sandwich and cola
Vegetable cocktail, chips
Vegetable cocktail and chips
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Ice cream sandwich
Ice cream sandwich

Money spent on food today: 0

food log: Friday, June 18

PB on toast, OJ
PB toasts and OJ
Merguez, baked pasta, tomato salad, bread, cherry cake, lemonade from the bistro - $6
Mergues, baked pasta, tomato salad, bread, lemonade, cherry cake from the bistro $6
I am still in love with the family-style serving.
merguez plate
Diet Coke - $1.25
Diet Coke - $1.25
For dinner, I joined my tweeter girls for an unforgettable night at Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel. Eric Gonzalez is a master chef! And the terrasse is so amazingly relaxing, it's a perfect spot to enjoy a lazy Montreal evening.

A taste of Katerine's fruit juice cocktail
Katerine refreshing fruit juice cocktail

With the amuse and appetizer, we enjoyed a lovely chardonnay (no pic)
Arancini amuse-bouche
Golden dark chocolate sphere filled with a foie gras mousse of sort. Amazingly original.
Golden dark chocolate sphere filled with a foie gras concoction
Golden dark chocolate sphere filled with a foie gras concoction
HUGE platter of mixed seafood for one, including razor clam, oyster, fried calamari, snow crab, a scallop and a giant scampi. (sorry about the shaky pics, it was dark and romanticaly lit in there and I tried my best)
My huge seafood plater
Snow crab
With the entrée, we had a bottle of Aquinas Pinot Noir. 
Aquinas Pinot Noir
I have to share that we let our waiter Fred decide on the wine all evening long, and his choices were spot-on.

Sweetbreads, peas, pea purée, cromesquis

Sweetbread, peas, cromesquis
Pre-dessert: a refreshing shooter filled with a fresh raspberry, vodka, a jelly cube of sort and fruity liquid
I am not very good at describing how delicate and aromatic this was. Summer in a shooter glass.
Mixed dessert plate : lots of good stuff including butter cookies with jam, molten chocolate cake, caramelized bananas, coffee-chocolate lollipops with Bailey's, rapsberry and verbena creams, and some crunchy- caramely sweet thing.
Shared dessert platter
My plate of dessert
Vin gris
Vin gris
Dinner for one including alcohol and tip was $134.33. And worth every penny.

Money spent on food today: $141.58