Saturday, December 12, 2009

Food log: Friday, December 11

Toasts with PB, milk
Toasts with PB, milk at home
Diet Coke from the vending machine - $1.25
Diet Coke - $1.25
I'm back on the wagon with the morning Diet Cokes. Or is it off the wagon? I need to check that Seinfield episode where they ponder that same question. Anyway, there's a wagon full of Diet Coke somewhere and it has my name on it, apparently.

Vegetable soup, herbed chicken, rice, salad with bacon, orange juice, cupcake - $6 from the bistro
Vegetable soup, herbed chicken, rice, salade with random bacon, cupcake - $6
Orange juicre from the bistro, comes with meal
That bacon was very random but still delicious.

One piece of Fuzzy Peach candy from the bistro - free
One Fuzzy peach
One bag of yogurt-covered raisins, congratulation gift from Gaz Metro
Yogurt-covered raisins from our clientGaz Metro sent us a congratulation gift for winning Agency of the year. How nice!
One of our clients sent us this as a congratulation gift for winning Agency of the year. How nice!

Another Diet Coke - $1.25
More Diet Coke - $1.25

After work, I met Lindsay at St-Hubert on Ste-Catherine. Yes, we had dinner at 5:30 with the grey hair crowd and it was awesome. We had a table d'hôte dinner and stuffed ourselves silly. I skipped the cute wine list and opted for beer.
I like the look of the wine list
Tomato juice and slaw
Tomato juice and slaw
Chicken breast, mashed potatoes, bread, honey, gravy
Chiken breast with mashed potato, bun, honey and sauce
Then it was time to pick our dessert. Only losers choose the berries and yogourt! Lindsay was about to wave a white flag, but in the end, we picked a pile of poudding chômeur with ice cream.
Picking our dessert
Only losers pick the fruit and yogurt parfait
Lindsay waves a white flag. UNCLE! UNCLE!
puding chômeur à la mode
Tea was needed before going back into the cold night

Table d'hôte dinner at St-Hubert - $36

We dared not walk in the cold (I was wearing my fall coat) and hopped into a cab to go surprise Jessica. Her Creative Boost painting class was graduating! We got to admire the work of our avant-garde artist friend. She did an hommage to Roscoe's. Then we had juice. A girl in a cake dress offered us cupcakes. That was weird.
Jessica's hommage to Roscoe's
Looking towards a bright future
Drink at Jessica's art show
Madame cupcake
Back home, I started on my project: to make a cake in the shape of my building for the annual Christmas dinner we have amongst neighbors. I used cake mixes to bake 3 cakes, then layered them with icing and quality jam. Off to the freezer it went to make it easier to shape tomorrow.
a layer of frosting
A layer of quality jam
Stacking the cakes
Scuplting the cake

Money spent on food today: $42.50