Monday, September 21, 2009

Food log: Monday September 21

Another day, another food log...

Nature's Path instant oatmeal and apple from home, sencha tea from the bistro
Oatmeal, apple from home, green tea from the bistro
I just bought this brand for the first time. It's MUCH better than the instant crap that religious guy with the black hat and white hair sells, and worth the extra money. The texture is creamier and it has flax seeds and blueberries in it. Yum.

Primavera pasta, leftover chicken, carrots, grapes, veggie juice and Diet Coke from home
Primavera pasta, chicken, carrots, veggie juice Diet Coke and grapes from home
The pasta is from a batch of frozen lunches I made a few months ago. I am running out of freezer lunches and need to make more.
I refuse to buy pre-packaged frozen meals, they are so salty! Any suggestions for good dishes that freeze well?

Pistachios from the bistro - free
Nistachio from the bistro - free
Pilfered from the happy hour last Friday.

Muffin from the bistro - free
Muffin from the bistro - free
Another cool thing at Sid lee: free muffin surprise!

Leftover Indian food and a salad
Leftover Indian food and a salad
Indian food is the gift that keeps on giving. I put the rest in the freezer.

Leftover pancake with maple syrup
Pancakes for dessert, yessss!
Aaaaaaand I am now all out of syrup. I hate to pay for maple syrup. My grand-father used to have a sugar shack and I could get all the maple products that I wanted. Maybe I should plant a few trees in the garden.

Money spent on food today: 0

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