Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food log: Tuesday, May 11

PB sandwich, banana 
PB sandwich, banana in my hotel room
Free water on the Movie Tour
Water on the Movie Tour bus - free
Free lollipop on the Movie Tour
Lollipop on Movie tour - free

Double Double, fries, soda - $7.01 at In & Out Burger
Double Double with fries
Gatorade at Coit tower - $3.25
Gatorade at Coit Tower - $3.25
After climbing the Filbert Steps (one of the steepest places in the western hemisphere), I deserved it.
More provisions: wine and beer - $19
Wine and beer - more provisions for my hotel room $19
I had a glass of wine while resting my feet.

I had dinner at Foreing Cinema in the Mission district. This place is amazing, with a large patio showing movies every night, and an indoor room with large windows. But the food is so delicious, who cares about the flick? Service was excellent. I even got an extra appetizer, on the house. Maybe taking pictures of my food and knowing about wine is finally paying off. Or they just had extra. Heh! Either way, I had one of my best meals of the year so far at this place.

Last Temptation cocktail 
Last Tempation cocktail
Myagi Marin Oysters
Oysters - Miyagi Marin
Warm olives (on the house)
Warm olives
Honig sauvignon blanc (half bottle)
Honig sauvignon blanc, Napa Valley (half bottle)
Smoked salmon with crème fraîche, chickory and radicchio on crisp bread (on the house!)
Smoked salmon - a free entry with the compliments of the chef
Smoked salmon - free!
Localy cured sardines on faro and fava beans, pecorino cheese

Local grilled sardines on faro and fava beans, pecorino
Perfectly cooked cod on pea purée and morrels, with some kind of beurre blanc

Cod with pea purée and morrels
Cod with pea purée and morrels
Strawberry shortcake with roasted strawberries and chantilly cream
Strawberry shortcake with roasted strawberry sauce, chantilly cream
This was a meal I won't soon forget.
Dinner at Foreign Cinema was $115.87 including a 20% tip

Money spent on food today: $126.12