Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Food log: Sunday, December 13

Eggs, English muffin, banana
eggs, banana, English muffin
Hot-dogs, fries and a Fanta at Montreal Pool Room - $7 with tip
2 hot-dogs, frieds, Fanta - $7 including tip
Order counter at Montreal Pool Room

Back room at Montreal Pool Room

At Montreal Pool Room

As much as I believe historic places like Montreal Pool Room deserve to be preserved, it needs a really good scrubbing. Josianne was starting to freak out. Or maybe it was just the spooky picture of the founder, floating above the city.
Josianne is flabbergasted by the décor

The founder of Montreal Pool Room

Canada Dry at the food court, after a bit of Christmas shopping - $3
Canada Dry Ginger Ale at the food court - $3
Highway robbery!!

Raviolis and a Club Soda while watching Ace of Cakes
Ravioli and a club soda at home
Note to self: don't try to make a "fantasy cake" without a plan ever again

Piece of cake
piece of cake
Money spent on food today: $10

Food log: Saturday, December 12

The morning started on a good note. The cake was awaiting in the freezer and I had all day to shape and decorate it. I did not know the hilarious result that awaited me.
Freezing the cake to make it easier to sculpt

But first, I started with some breakfast.

Toast with peanut butter, milk
PB toast and milk

Since I forgot to count it yesterday, I'll add that the ingredients for the cake cost about $17 at IGA.

Then, I started the carving of the cake, adding the wings with icing. I should have taken a look at pictures, because I cut it wrong and the whole north wing was missing.
Tryting to make a cake shaped like my building
Tryting to make a cake shaped like my building

I added icing for the brick and tar on the roof, trying to match colors with food dye. Ha! Oh, and the yellow thing on top is supposed to be the roof terrasse. You can start laughing now.
Tryting to make a cake shaped like my building
Then, I had a construction snafu.
Construction problems!
Mixing more dye in to get a gray color, I started to add "windows" and "doors" (note the brackets around those words).
This doesn't look right
And this, ladies and gentlemen, was the final product.
Tada! hahahahahaha!
And this is what my building really looks like.
Google Street View of my home, La Biscuiterie Viau - Montréal

Off to our building's Christmas dinner I went, meeting about 15 neighbors/friends at Les Cabotins on Ste-Catherine. The evening was full of merrymaking and tasty food, with promises of dessert back at my house. I had the table d'hôte.

Pint of cider
Pint of sider at Les Cabotins
Pinot noir
Pinot noir at les Cabotins
Spinach soup with bread and butter
Spinach soup at Les Cabotins

Bread basket at Les Cabotins
Boudin noir with apple compote and onion marmelade.

Boudin noir with homemade compote and onion jam
Boudin noir with homemade compote and onion jam

The cooks at Les Cabotins make the preserves on the spot, they have a full wall filled with colorful Mason jars in the back of the restaurant.

Boeuf bourguignon and veggies
Boeuf Bourguignon at Les Cabotins
The vegetables are served family-style in shared dishes. It makes it more festive and casual.

Dinner came to $74.85, including drinks and tip.

Then we came back to my place for more drinks and a piece of the building for dessert. My friends generously congratulated me for my efforts, but were more impressed by the taste of the cake than by its appearence. Hee hee!
My building in cake form
André quickly found his window.
And this is wehre André lives
But I think Anne-Marie is still looking for her loft. (Hint: it's in my garbage pail.)
"where is my condo?" Yeah, we had some construction problems here.

Marc-Henri gave me a bottle of Bailey's and André gave me a bottle of port. Thanks guys!
Beer, then a Bailey's (a gift from Marc-Henri)
Porto, a gift from André

Money spent on food today: $91.85

The last boom before Christmas

Yes yes, I will be udpating the food log today.

I am in the thick of the last blast of projects before Christmas at work, so it's been hectic and exhausting.
Or maybe I'm just really gassy.

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