Sunday, September 13, 2009

Food log: Sunday, September 13

Today was grocery day. Note to self: don't order a delivery on the same day as the Montreal Marathon. Because all the streets will be closed and you will get your food late. Lesson learned!

Grocery from IGA Online - $106 including delivery and tip
I did the groceries - $106 with tip and delivery

Breakfast was eggs and waffles with half a glass of milk.
waffles, eggs and maple syrup

Since I had to wait for the delivery anyway, I didn't mind staying in and cleaning the loft. I spent the day organizing my walk-in closets (I got my freezer!) and scanned some recipes and images I had pulled from magazines.

Here is the freezer, covered in my favorite Russian propaganda posters.
My new freezer!

It can hold a lot of stuff, has a nifty drawer and a "soft freeze zone" I'm not too clear on.
Waiting to be filled with Fall's bounty
Inside the door
Soft freeze section and tray
With the drawers open

Then it was time for lunch.

Fish sticks with Kewpie on top, red bell peppers and gherkins
Fish sticks topped with Kewpie, red bell peppers, gherkins

Snack time was cheese and veggie cocktail
Cheese and veggie cocktail

Then a glass of grapefruit juice
Grapefruit juice

And dinner: pulled pork and a salad
Pulled pork and spinach salad with beets

I'm still peckish. The cookie jar is winking at me and I might just wink back.

Money spent on food today: $106

Edited to add: I just did a bit of research, and the Soft Freeze Zone of my new Frigidaire is meant to keep ice cream in. It's 9 to 11 degrees warmer than the rest of the freezer, so the frozen treats are not rock-solid and full of ice crystals.