Saturday, November 14, 2009

Food log: Friday, november 13

Toast and Clamato at home
Toast and clamato at home
I love tomato-based drinks in the morning.

Banana and Nibs candy from the bistro - free
banan from bistro - free
Nibs - free

Burrito, rice salad, melon, lemonade
Burrito, sour cream, rice salad, melon, lemonade - $6

In the afternoon, we got an email telling us a naughty snack was awaiting us in the bistro as part of an AIDS awarness project.
Penis cookies from the bistro
Vagina cookies from the bistro

Here I am enjoying a frosted treat!
Enjoying a naughty cookie in the bistro

Martin was coming over so I stopped at the market for a few goodies.

Pâté, bread (and a croissant for Saturday morning) from Première Moisson - $14.25

Paté and bread from Première Moisson - $14.25 (including croissant)

Oysters from Marché Maisonneuve - $25
12 oysters from Marché Maisonneuve, $25

Chips and and cheeses from the fromagerie at Marché Maisonneuve - $17.30

Cheeses from Marché Maisonneuve - $17.30

paté, cheeses, bread, oysters, wine

This has been a rough week. My cat has been sick for a long time and Saturday was the date she was going to the vet to be sent to kitty heaven. I've been dealing with this as best as I can, but it's really hard. How do you say goodbye to a pet you've lived with for 14 years? The only way I could think of was to spoil her rotten.  So I gave her foie gras pâté and an oyster for dinner.
nomming on some patéA bit of paté for beloved cat
Yummy oysters
beloved cat enjoys an oyster

We ended the feast with a bit of whisky (and a few tears) to toast my beloved cat
A shot of whisky with Martin in honor of my beloved cat

Farewell, my friend. I will miss you with all of my heart.
My kitty in a vintage suitcase bed

Money spent on food today: $62.55