Saturday, May 22, 2010

Food log: Saturday, May 22

Bagel, salami, apple, milk
bagel, milk, salami, apple
I went to Mikasa on the South shore for great sushi. The chef is my friend Laurent's cousin and makes some of the tastiest, freshest sushi I've had the pleasure to eat. Too bad it's so far from my house! If you are headed for Greenfield park, don't miss it.
Light and crispy tempura
shrimp tempura at mikasa
Beer at Mikasa
Strawberry and shrimp roll
strawberry and shrimp rolls at Mikasa
scallops at Mikasa
Fried shiso leaf with spicy tuna
Fried shiso leaf with spicy tuna at Mikasa
Cucumber and crab makis
cucumber rolls
Various delicious makis and sashimi
Sushi feat at Mikasa
Sushi pizza
Makis and lemon "rolls"

Dinner at Mikasa was about $50 plus tip

Money spent on food today: $50