Saturday, January 9, 2010

Food log: Saturday, January 9

I took my friend Yvan out for his birthday. Happy birthday Yvan! We had brunch at La Cantine, on Mont-Royal. It's always tasty and the seventies decor is nice. Also, you don't have to wait in line like other overhyped breakfast places that shall remain nameless.

Orange juice
Orange juice at La Cantine
Melon and grapefruit shot
Melon and grapefruit shot at La Cantine
Apple sauce
Apple sauce at La Cantine
"La Totale" breakfast (click on second picture for details)
"La totale" breakfast at La Cantine
"La totale" breakfast at La Cantine
Brunch for two at La Cantine was $42, including drinks and tip.

Diet Coke at Winners - $1.60
Diet Coke - $1.60

Ham sandwich, Smiles, pickles
Ham sandwich, Smiles, pickles


Money spent on food today: $43.60

Food log: Friday, January 8

Instant oatmeal
Banana from the bistro (no picture)

Beef burritos, soup, salad, V8 
Soup, beef burrito, salad, V8

Vodka-cranberry at Lindsay ($4.50 for the juice)
Cranberry and vodka cocktail at Lindsay's

Mini corn muffin with butter at Lindsay's
Corn muffin an butter at Lindsay's

Then we hoped in a cab to go have dinner at Tavern on the Square. Lindsay knows one of the owners and he treated us to a feast. We only had to pay for wine and tip, wheeeeee! Total: $53

Blood orange and Prosecco "bellini"
Blood orange and prosecco cocktail at Tavern on the Square
Bread and butter
Bread and butter at Tavern on the Square
BBQ chicken with apple and cabbage slaw
Cabbage and apple slaw, spicy BBQ chicken at Tavern on the Square
Poached cod and smoked cod fritter
What's under this?
Poached cod with smoked cod fritter at Tavern on the Square
Chablis Agnes et Didier Dauvissat
Chablis at Tavern on the Square
Duck with faro and citrus
Duck with faro and citrus
Glass of spanish red
Glass of spanish red wine at Tavern on the Square
Chocolate chip bread pudding
bread pudding with chocolate chips at Tavern on the Square

Then we went to Ellen's b-day party at Pullman's.

Perrier at Pullman's - $6.50 including oversized tip
Perrier at Pullman - $6.50 with tip

Money spent on food: $59.50