Saturday, October 17, 2009

Food log: Saturday, October 17

I would like to start with a formal complaint about this can of syrup.
I just wanted to say that I am highly against this new syrup packaging! Where is the traditionnal blue, red and brown forest?
Now what the heck is that pink label? Where is the traditionnal red, blue and brown forest? Why does my syrup look like a kid's storybook? I am not amused. BOOOOO!

Allright, on with the food.

Peanut butter toasts at home
PB toasts

Oysters and pickles at home
Oysters and pickles
I had this with crackers and a curry mayo. I also had a handful of pretzels.

The afternoon was spent cooking. First, I made a delicious spaghetti squash gratin.
Spaghetti squash gratin
This was meant for freezer lunches.
Making freezer lunches
I like to make a few meals from scratch and freeze them. It saves me from Michelina Hell!

I also made a huge pot of vegetable stock. 
making vegetable stock
For this stock, I used zucchinis, carrots, onions, garlic, green onions, and celery. I also added some herbs and salt, and a few kernels of pepper. But my secret is to drop a Parmesan rind in there for extra flavor. Some of this will be turned into pumpkin soup. The rest will go - you guest it - into the freezer.

For dinner, I made the most amazing and delicate corn fritters.
Corn fritters with cucumber slices, tomatoes and sour cream at home
This was my first time making corn fritters. They are super easy to make and  delicious with some fresh veggies, some sour cream and a splash of hot sauce.

Now it is time to go watch Angelina Jolie say "THIS IS NOT MY SON" a thousand time while drinking the other half of yesterday's bottle of wine.

Money spent on food: $0

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