Monday, May 24, 2010

Food log: Monday, May 24

PB baguette, milk
PG baguette, milk
Revel ice cream treat
Charcuterie, olives and bubbly on the terrasse with Éric (he brought the good stuff!)
Charcuterie and olive with bubbly on my terrasse

Dinner at Le Valois - $30
Bread at Le Valois
Goat cheese ravioli in tomato-basil sauce
Chef's ravioli (goat cheese) at Valois
Éric had the lamb shank
Éric and his lamb shank
Éric's lamb shank at Le Valois
Apple cake with Baley's sauce
Dessert menu at Le Valois
apple cake with baley's sauce at Le Valois

Money spent on food today: $30