Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food log: Sunday, January 24

French toast and orange juice
French toast and OJ
I went on a walk and stopped at Marché Maisonneuve again and purchased bread, Old Bay spice mix, chèvre, asparagus, daikon, scallions and ginger ($14.20). I also purchased a bamboo steamer with hilarious Frenchgrish on the packaging.
New steamer!
New steamer!
More engrish!

I had two Diet Cokes in the pm (no pics).

Chèvre on multigrain bread
chèvre on multigrains bread

Last night, I discoverd Ozu's masterpiece "Sanma no Aji" (An Automn Afternoon). It's a quiet, intimate portrait of a japanese family in the sixties and features many scenes in restaurants or around the kitchen.

Suddenly, I was in the mood for a family-style japanese meal and cooked while having the last of my Maker's Mark whisky (since there's no Suntory left in my house).
The last of the Maker's Mark :(
Tofu steak with ginger miso sauce, scallion and sesame seeds
Tofu steaks with ginger and white miso sauce
Macha salt flavored rice
macha salt-flavored rice
Pickled yellow beets and daikon
pickled daikon and yellow beets
It was lovely. Some meals just bring peace to your heart.
A nice family-style japanese meal
Gingr tofu steak with pickled daikon and yellow beets, macha salt-flavored rice
Money spent on food today: $14.20