Monday, October 5, 2009

Food log: Monday, October 5

Good evening peeps. Did you eat anything tasty today? I sure did.

Cream cheese toast and orange splash water
Cream cheese toast

Orange Splash water

I had the best apple ever - free from the bistro
The best apple ever - free from the bistro
It deserved to wear Lindsay's tiara for a minute.

My friend JF, who just spent 3 weeks in Japan and who is awesome, brought me back two green tea Kit Kat bars.
Gree tea Kit Kat bars from Japan - gift from JF

The coffee machine exploded on me and a few other innocent tea drinkers who were just waiting around to fill their cups with hot water. Imagine the look of this cup times 256 and you'll get the effect it had on my shirt. And shoes. And face.
Cup of tea from the bistro -free

Then it was time for lunch.

Yesterday's BBQ and rice leftovers, tomatoes, yogourt and Kit Kat, Diet Coke ($1.25)
Gree tea Kit Kat, yogourt, soda (1.26), tomatoes, BBQ pork and rice
Geen tea Kit Kat - gift from JF

Bite from Jessica's Bubblegum Kit Kat
Bubble Gum Kit Kat from JF's Japan loot
Yeah, JF brought candy for a bunch of us. Told you he's awesome.

The bistro had rosemary biscuits for snack time.
Biscuits from the bistro - free

I opted for chips and a soda ($2.50)
Diet Coke and Lay's from the machine - $1.25

Dinner was easy as 1-2-3.

My mom's lentils and some cheesy bread
My mom's lentils and cheesy bread
Delicious and comforting, like anything your mother cooks just for you.

Piece of Amazing Apple Pie
Pie at home
I'm telling you, I should enter this pie in a contest. It is ribbon-worthy.

Money spent on food today: $ 3.75