Friday, January 29, 2010

Food log: Friday, January 29

Muffin and milk
Muffin and milk
Egg sandwich and potato salad from Cartet - $9.87
sandwich and potato salad from Cartet - $9.87
So I have a few beefs to deal with here about Cartet. First, the obvious spelling mistakes.
Is it wishing for more eggs?
Hello, "canpagne" bread? If you are going to sell a sandwich for that much money, please spell check your copy. And SANDWISH?  Is my lunch hoping for a beach vacation?

Secondly, the potato salad. It used to be filled with juicy ham and curd cheese and had a nice creamy dressing. Now it's half the size (for only 80 cents less) and it's made with hard bacon and roasted potatoes. Basically, if you eat it cold, it's all dry and crunchy. NOT cool, Cartet.
All of a sudden, the salad is half the size and only 80 cents less.
For scale 
for scale!
It used to be enough for a full meal. Not anymore. I complained about it to the guy in charge, and he hummed and was all "heeee ehehe" about it. Obviously, he knew they are pushing it too far. Yes, the people who work in the Old Port have money, but $4 for 3/4 cup of dry potato salad is just ridiculous.

And thus ends the Big Potato Salad Rant of 2010.

Chips and Diet Soda - $2.50
Chips adn Diet Coke 0 $1.25

My friend St├ęphane gave me moose meat! It seems like a have a lot of friends who are game meat aficionados - and generous!
Another friend gave me moose meat!
Broccoli turnovers (and corn)
broccoli turnovers (and corn)
Cadbury cream eggs - $1.25
Cadbury eggs - $1.25
Bottle of Sauvigon - $13.95
Wine - $13.95
Club soda
Club soda

Money spent on food today: $25.07