Sunday, February 14, 2010

food log: Saturday, February 13

Toasts and juice
Toast and juice
Water on the bus to Québec - $1.70
Water - $1.70
Snack at the bus station while waiting for mom to pick me up - $3.60
Chips from the bus station - $1.35
Soda from the bus station - $2.25
Beer and popcorn at Mom's while watching the olympics
Beer at mom's
Popcorn at mom's

For my birthday (it's next Friday) and to mark their wedding anniversary, mom and stepdad took me to Le Panache, a very nice restaurant in chic Auberge Saint-Antoine, in the old part of Québec city (where I'm from) called Petit-Champlain. We had a nice table right next to the fire and could see the ferries and tugboats go by on the river. While the food was a little bit less exciting than what I expected (there was a Valentine's day special menu that was forced on us and some of the portions were clearly meant for two and split for the three of us), the ambiance was exceptional and we had a lovely time. Plus, the wine selection was very interesting. I have to mention the nice staff, who goes out of its way to make you feel welcomed.

Bread and butter
Pain et beurre
Matane shrimp cocktail 
Cocktail de crevettes de matane
Tasty, but very "wedding-y"

Grain d'amour doux rosé, vigneron du Brulhois, France
Grain d'amour doux rosé
Canard Goûlu torchon of foie gras, cranberry chutney, toasted brioche with orange zest
Fois gras au torchon, chutney de canneberges, toast
The chutney was delicious, but the foie was way too cold.

Grûner Veltliner, Langelois, Shloss Gobelssburg, Austria, 2005
Un petit blanc d'Autriche...avec du panache!

Smoked scallop with maple glaze, radish salad, roasted mustard seed mousseline sauce
Pétoncle fumé à l'érable, salade de radis
This was amazing, I could have gone for one more.

"Baseball" cut beef roast, veggies, mashed potatoes
Boeuf, petits légumes aux lardons et 2 c. à soupe de pommes de terre

Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Wedgetail Estate, Australia, 2006
Un pinot noir australien
Riopelle cheese and cocoa and candied fruits pound cake
Fromage Riopelle et pain au cacao
There was a glass of Jewelstone, Mission Estate, Hawke's bay, New-Zealand, 2007 with this but I forgot to take a picture. That cocoa bread was fantastic with the cheese.

La perle rose, Domaine de l'ogre rouge, France, 2007
Un mousseux avec le dessert
Linzer tort (strawberries and gooseberries) with wild strawberries ice cream
Tartelette et glace aux saveurs originales
Mom said "this tort tastes like the sweedish cookies I used to make for you kids." Hee! She was right. the ice cream was nice.


A big thank you to mom and Richard for this very special dinner together!
Avec beau-papa Richard

Money spent on food today: $5.30